How Do My Workflows Work With Insights?

JobNimbus Insights collects data as your Jobs move through your Workflow Stages. You can see this in the Raw Data, which reflects the dates each Job enters the different Stages. 


Tip: Insights works off of key Stages of your Workflows. Stages are utilized for reporting and organizational purposes, grouping the steps of your personalized  Workflow Statuses

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Skipping Stages

  • If a job skips a stage and moves to a new one, JobNimbus will backdate the prior stages to the date the job entered the new stage, except for the "Lost" stage. If a job goes to the "Lost" stage, no backdating of other stages occurs. Also, if a job goes to a status in a "None" stage, it does not affect other dates.

    Insights Workflow Sold Stage (1).png
  •  Insights would backdate any previous Stages to the date the Job went into the new Stage.
    • Example:  A Job moves from the Lead Status to the Pull Permit Status on May 6, then the Estimating and Sold Stages will also update to the May 6 date. 

      Skipping Stages (1).png

Lost Stages 

  • When a Job is moved to the Lost Stage, it will not impact any previous dates.
    • Example:  a Job is moved from the Estimating Stage to the Lost Stage on May 4. The Lead, Estimating, and Lost Dates are recorded, and the other Stages are unaffected.

      Move to Lost (1).png
  • When a Job is moved from the Lost Stage to another Stage, it will clear all previous dates.
    • Example:  a Job moved through your Workflow on the following dates and moved from In Production to Lost on May 8.

      Move from Lost Pt. 1 (1).png
    • If that Job is then moved from the Lost Stage to the Estimating Stage on May 12, the Estimating Stage will be updated to reflect the new date, and the dates between Estimating and Lost will be removed.

      Move from Lost Pt. 2.png

    "None" Stages

  • When a Job goes to a Status in a "None" Stage, it does not affect other dates.
    • Example: a Job is moved from Completed to a None Stage, and the dates for all other Stages are unaffected

      Moving to a None Stage.png
      • However, moving a Job from a None Stage could impact your Workflow data. Let's say that a Job moves through the Workflow on the following dates and is in a None Stage on May 4.

        Moving From None Pt. 1.png
    • This Job is then moved from None to In Production on May 7. The Lead and Estimating dates are unaffected. However, because the Sold and In Production Stages did not previously have dates associated with them, they will reflect the new date.Moving from a None Stage Pt. 2.png
    • Now let's say a Job moved through your entire Workflow on the following dates and is in a None Stage on May 26.

      Moving to a None Stage.png
    • If this Job is moved from the None Stage to In Production on June 2, the Lead, Estimating, and Sold Dates will be unaffected, the In Production date will update, and the Accounts Receivable and Complete dates will be removed.

      Moving from a None Stage 2.png