What Are Stages?

Stages help categorize your Statuses and contribute to various Reports in JobNimbus.

While Statuses show the steps of your job progress, Stages group these steps together for internal reporting and organizational purposes.

You will assign a Status to a specific Stage when configuring your Workflows

Stage names cannot be customized; they are built into the system to allow for more accurate reporting.

Workflow - Edit Status

Stages must be in linear order.

For example, you can assign the Estimating Stage to your "Signed Contract" Status, but it must come after a Status that is associated with the Lead Stage, such as "Lead", and before a Sold Stage, such as "Contract Review".

JobNimbus simplifies this process by breaking down the proper order with built-in sections.

Dragging and dropping a Status into a Stage section that interrupts the correct order will change that Stage to "None".

In the following example, the Status of "Contract Review" was previously in the "Sold" Stage. Because it was moved into "Lead", the system will indicate the change with a warning icon. Be sure to choose the appropriate Stage before exiting.

Settings JobNimbus 2023-03-14 at 12.42.37 PM

Stages affect InsightsSales Reports, and Dashboards. These reports will not work properly unless you assign Stages to your Statuses.

You can also filter for data by specific Stages when building a Custom Report.

JobNimbus Insights collects data as your Jobs move through your Workflow Stages. Be mindful of Stages applied to your Workflow Statuses to get the most out of your Insights Reports.