What are Stages?

Stages help categorize your Statuses and contribute to various Reports in JobNimbus.

While Statuses show the steps of your jobs' progress, Stages group these steps together for internal reporting and organizing purposes. You should assign your Status to a specific Stage when building or editing a Workflow. They can be found within the "Edit Status" window.

Note: Stages cannot be customized; they are built into the system to allow for more accurate reporting.


Workflow - Edit Status


Stages work in linear order.

For example, you can add the Estimating Stage to your "Inspection" Status, but it must come after a Status with the Lead Stage, such as "Lead", and before a Sold Stage, such as "Signed Contract".

Stages affect your Sales Reports and Dashboards. These reports will not work properly unless you have added Stages to your Workflows.

You can also filter by Stages in a Custom Report.