What Do I Do if I Am Locked Out of My Account?

Per security protocol, you are allotted up to five login attempts before your account is locked.

You will have five (5) total attempts to log in before your account is locked. The following warning will appear after your first failed attempt and will continue to count down for each unsuccessful attempt thereafter.

v2 too many failed attempts

  • If you have Settings Access and a team member of yours has been locked out of their account, you can reset the lockout for them by clicking on the dropdown menu of your name in the top righthand corner > Team.

    name dropdown menu point to team tab
  • Select the three dots to the right of the user in need of access and choose Remove login security lockout. This will give the team member five (5) additional attempts to log in.

    How to remove a login security lockout

If you do not have Settings Access, please either reach out to an admin on your account or get in touch with our Support Team for assistance.

For help with resetting your password, take a look at this article.