Automation Recipes

Can I Be Notified When a Contact or Job Has Been Deleted?

Stay on top of your account activity by creating an Event-based Automation that will notify you if a record has been deleted.

Prior to creating this Automation, we suggest making a custom Task Type with a title specific to the activity in question (i.e. "Contact Deleted").

Keep in mind that deleting Contacts or Jobs requires specific permissions via Access Profile settings.


  1. Choose the "Event based" trigger type
  2. Select either "Contact" or "Job" as the triggering record
  3. Choose when the record type is "Deleted"
    1. Conditions are optional for this Automation. Add one if you want to only be notified about records that belong to a specific Workflow, for example.
  4. Select +Add Action
  5. Choose the "Create Task" Action
  6. Create your Task, making sure to assign it to the specific Type you've previously created, then click "Save"
  7. Save the Automation when you are finished

Refer to the following articles for information about locating and/or recovering deleted records: