Can I Give My Team Members Different Access Permissions in JobNimbus?

Customize the levels of access your team members are permitted within JobNimbus.

Account permissions are managed through Access Profiles in your JobNimbus settings.

To configure your Access Profiles:

  • Click on your Profile Icon or initials in the top right corner
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Within the Settings menu on the left, open the Access Profiles tab

Settings - Menu Access Profile

  • Add a new Access Profile by clicking the blue Add access profile button

Settings - Access Profile Add

  • Make changes to an Access Profile by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of an existing profile and choosing Edit from the drop-down menu

Settings - Access Profile Edit

Here, you can rename the profile and choose which access permissions the assigned team members will have.

Below is a breakdown of the different access options and what they mean for your team members:

Limited Access vs. Full Access

    • Full Access users can see all Jobs and Contacts, whether or not they have been assigned to those records.
    • Limited Access users can only see Contacts/Jobs they are assigned to or the Sales Rep of. If you decide to enable Groups, then Limited Access users who are Group leaders will also be able to see Jobs/Contacts assigned to the team members in their Group.

    Record Access

      • Record Access gives you the option to allow team members different levels of access to different types of records:
        1. "No Access" = the user cannot see the records, even if they are assigned to the Contact
        2. "View = the user can see the records, but not edit them in any way
        3. "Create & Edit" = the user can see, create and edit records
        4. "Delete" = the user can see, create, edit, and delete records

    Record types:

    1. Documents and Photos = any attachments created/uploaded under a Contact/Job.
      1. Note: this does not affect Company Documents
    2. Estimates, Invoices, and Credit Memos = financial documents created under a Contact or Job.
    3. Company Documents = documents that are not attached to a specific Contact or Job, but uploaded within the Documents tab under your profile icon/initials in the top right corner.
      1. Note: enable this feature by going to Settings Features > toggle the switch next to Company Documents.
    4. Budgets = budgets and commissions located under the Financials tab of a Contact or Job.
      1. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it.
    5. Work Orders = documents you send to your Subcontractors or use to separate your work by type. These documents are found under the Work Orders tab of a Contact or Job.
      1. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it.
    6. Material Orders = documents you send to your Suppliers. These are found under the Financials tab of a Contact or Job.
      1. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it.

    In the bottom half of the Edit Profile window, you can change what features team members assigned to this specific profile have access to.

    Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 9.25.37 AM

    Here is a breakdown of the different Feature Access options:

    Feature Access

      • Export = the ability to export reports, including Contact and Job reports, to a CSV or Excel file.
      • Import Contacts = the ability to import clients from spreadsheets in addition to creating new ones in JobNimbus.
      • Bulk Edit = the ability to bulk edit and delete records on reports, including all Jobs and Contacts.
      • Built-In Reports = the ability to view the Built-In Reports, which deal with company sales.
      • Private Attachments & Notes = the ability to view, create and mark attachments and notes as "private".
        • Note: marking something as private hides the attachment/note from the view of anyone with whom you "share" a record.
          It will not, however, prevent any assigned team members from viewing the information.
      • Account Subscription = the ability to see and edit the credit card and subscription status for the company.
        • Note: anyone with Account Subscription Access will receive the JobNimbus subscription invoice email when you are billed.
      • Account Settings = the ability to see and edit anything located under Settings, including Access Profiles.
        • Note: you will not be able to share items such as Reports and Boards in JobNimbus unless you have Account Settings. 
      • Delete Records = the ability to delete Contacts, Jobs, Documents, Photos, and any activity in the Activity tab under a Contact or Job.
      • Show Sales Dashboard = when this box is checked, team members will have access to see the reports on the Sales Dashboard.
      • Engage = access to send/receive texts through the Engage integration, including the ability to create text message templates.

    Learn more about Access Profiles by watching this webinar episode!