What Are the Different Components of a Board? (Web)

Identify the important features that make up a Board.

Brief Overview Video:


The columns within a Board are called "Lists". Depending on the Status(es) you assign to each List will determine what Contacts or Jobs are visible.

  • To configure a List, select the three dots at the top of the Board you are viewing and click edit.

  • Then, select the three dots to the right of a List to manage it.

    v2 list edit overview
  • Name your List.
    • Typically this coincides with the Status that is associated with it, so you can easily see which Contacts or Jobs are currently assigned to that Status. Whatever makes the most sense to you is the right way to name a List.
  • Assign a Status to your List.
    • You'll see the options formatted as "[Workflow] - [Status]". This will dictate what Contacts or Jobs show up under the List, as previously mentioned. 
      • Example: Because Contact A is a Residential Retail-type Contact in the "Job Completed" Status, the Contact's Card will appear under the Completed Jobs List since I have assigned that Workflow and Status accordingly.

        v2 list view columns
  • Sort the List to your liking.
    • You can choose from a variety of ways to sort the items in either ascending or descending order.
  • The Totals will reflect a combined amount between the visible Contacts' or Jobs' Estimate TotalInvoice Total, and/or Outstanding Invoice Total. More than one of these options can be applied.
    • Note: only approved Estimates, specifically, will be counted toward the combined "Estimate Total" dollar amount shown.

List "Totals" will only display if the user viewing the Board has permission to see that information. For example, if the user viewing the Board doesn't have access to see Estimates, they will not see Estimate Total.


The white boxes that you see under each List are called "Cards". They contain your Contact or Job information in the way you've customized it.

Edit the Board to configure the properties outlined below:

  • You can plug short codes in wherever you want Contact/Job-specific information to populate through the drop-down menu to the right of each field.

    v2 card edit view
    • Example: I've chosen Contact Display Name from the template drop-down menu as the title for my Cards.
      • For the first line, I've included Contact Type plus Contact Status. I also manually typed in a small arrow symbol to separate the two.
      • The second line contains Other > Sum of all Approved Invoices.
      • The third line shows Other > Sum of Balance Due on all Approved Invoices

        updated card closeup v2

  • The row at the very bottom of a Card cannot be adjusted. It contains the following data by default, in order from left to right:
    • How many days the Contact has been in its current Status
    • How many Tasks have been completed out of the number that is currently assigned 
    • The number of Attachments that have been uploaded to the Contact
    • With Contact or Job Scheduling, the record's due date will appear here
    • The picture or initials of the main assigned Team Member of the record
      • The number above the icon represents the total number of team members assigned to the record