What Are the Different Components of a Board? (Mobile)

Identify the important features that make up a Board.

Boards can only be configured through the Web App.
Review this article for more information.

Overview Page

When you navigate to Boards on the Mobile App, you will see:

  1. The Type of Board (Job or Contact)
  2. The Title of the Board
  3. The number of Cards within that Board
    1. This number does not account for archived Cards. In other words, if only archived Cards exist within that Board, the number will reflect a zero.
  4. The number of Lists within that Board

Viewing a Board

Once you select a Board, you will see:

  1. The Title of the Board
  2. The Title of the List as well as the number of Cards within
  3. The Contact/Job Card(s)

Card Details

Each Card presents the following details about that specific Contact or Job:

  1. The name of the Contact/Job record
  2. The initials or profile picture of the Assignee(s)
    1. This will only indicate specifically team members who are assigned to the record; Sales Reps will not be displayed.
  3. Customized information you've configured through the Web App
    1. Details about this can be found here
  4. In order from left to right:
    • how long the record has been in its current Status
    • the number of completed Tasks out of the total number related to the record
    • the number of attachments (documents & photos) associated with the record

Check out this article to discover Board filters.