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This is the spot for new companies and new users to get started using JobNimbus.

New Sales Experience

Get the latest on the New Sales Experience (SumoQuote + JobNimbus)

JobNimbus Payments

Collect payments of every kind—from credit cards to eChecks—all in JobNimbus.


Boards are like a virtual white board. It allows you to easily see where your jobs are in your production process so you can save time.


Level up the way you communicate with your customers by texting through Engage.

Contacts & Jobs

Create your customer base and define your job process.

Mobile App

The JobNimbus mobile app helps you easily manage your task and contact details while one the go.


Work smarter, not harder, by automating actions from task creation to email communications.

Calendar & Tasks

Control your schedule and keep track of your to-do's all in one place.


Organize your data and get the information you need by creating custom reports or using the built-in reports.


Get the information you need when you first log into JobNimbus website application.


Design Estimates, issue Invoices, track Payments, and more.


Learn how to get the most out of our integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online.


Learn how to set up and use the integrations available through JobNimbus.


Customize the backbone of your JobNimbus account.

Additional Resources

Get help on general questions and troubleshooting.


Register for upcoming Webinars and in-person events hosted by JobNimbus.

Industry Resources

Learn about how JobNimbus can cater to your company's industry-specific needs.

App Status

Get notified about upcoming maintenance, review past incidents, and follow along as we smooth out any kinks.


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