Reports are a very powerful part of JobNimbus. They can be used to track nearly every function within the software, even archived content. With reports, you can find out who has been doing what in your account and how they logged into it. You can find out what has been deleted or what has been paid. You can add a variety of search fields within a report, and you can hide fields that are not relevant. 


Where are reports located?
Reports are located in the Dashboard area below documents. Unless you are in settings, you should almost always see the reports icon. 

Important report functionality:

A) The drag and drop feature in Reports is a very quick and useful way to toggle the categories in the order you prefer. Simply hover over the column title, left click on it and move it to where you want. Two small arrows will appear where you are moving the column to.

B) At the top of the reports page, there are a lot of features to make a report custom. You can add columns or calculations. The add filter area will allow you to filter you data to what you only want to see. You can also get rid of irrelevant items that you do not wish to see. Take some time to carefully look at it and think about what is important to view in your business.


Add Filter: This allows you to select only certain data. For example you can choose a specific date range. You may only want to see data that was created by a certain employee. It allows you to get specific search results instead of the report showing all of the data in the system.

Built in Reports:

Sales Pipeline Report

How do I create a Sales Pipeline report?

Reports ---> Sales Pipeline Report


Job Pipeline Report: Job Pipeline reports are for 

How do I create a Job Pipeline report?

Reports ---> Job Pipeline Report


Lead Source Report:  Lead Source reports will show you all of your leads and who is assigned to what. Lead Source reports only work off of Contacts. If you don't have any contact statuses set to Lead or Sold then nothing will populate in this report.

How do I create a Lead Source report?

Reports ---> Lead Source Report

Team Activity Report

How do I create a Team Activity report?

Reports ---> Team Activity Report


Types of Custom Reports:



Task Report

How do I create a Task report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Task Report


Job Report

How do I create a Job report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Job Report


Contact Report: Contact Reports show a list of all the contacts you have added to the system. You can add filters to adjust what exactly you view contact wise, for example, you can add a filter for archived to see all contacts that you have set to an archived status.


How do I create a contact report?

Reports --->Ellipsis icon ---> Create Contact Report


Activity report: An activity report will give you insight into who did what in the account, whether it was a system created event or a user. It can log a type of activity such as "deleted contact", "proposal sent" and who did it and from where. A common concern is not finding information once it is deleted. This leads to the questions of who deleted what, and what was changed. It serves also as an audit trail to track accountability. 


How do I create an activity report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Activity Report

Drag and drop the columns you wish to see. You may want to add date updated, type or is archived.  


Estimate Report

How do I create an Estimate report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Estimate Report


Work Order Report

How do I create a Work Order report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Work Order Report


Budget Report

How do I create a Budget report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Budget Report


Commission Report

How do I create a Commission report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Commission Report


Invoice Report

How do I create an Invoice report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Invoice Report


Payment Report

How do I create a Payment report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Payment Report


Document Report

How do I create a Document report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Document Report

Time Log Report

How do I create a Time Log report?

Reports ---> Ellipsis icon ---> Create Time Log Report


For further report reading see our blog article: 15 Simple Built-in Reports Every Contractor Needs in Their CRM