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JobNimbus has included a settings section in your account. In your settings, you'll find all sorts of features that will make your life using JobNimbus easier. You can access anything from managing your team to enable third-party integrations. Several back end processes are available to you in your Settings.

You can make your settings available to only team members that need access to update your account. When you make updates for your account in your settings, make sure you refresh your page by clicking on the refresh button in your browser to ensure that the change has taken effect in your account.

Here, we are going to help you get started with your account by going over how to manage your Company Information, Team Members, and Access Profiles for your Team Members .

Before we Get Into it

Before we get started setting up your settings, make sure you have your team ready to add and decide what kind of permissions each team member should have. Think of who on your team should have admin access and full permission to all records and permissions in JobNimbus and who on your team doesn't need to have all of those permissions.

You can use a piece of paper to write down your team structure. Give your managers and those who will need access to all your records the label of Admin or Manager, and label those on your team who only need to access the records they are associated with as Limited Access. You can also label the different levels of access, or Access Profiles. Write down next to each access tier what they will need to access in JobNimbus. We will cover the different permissions in Access Profiles later.

Also, collect your company information, including your address and a company logo to upload to JobNimbus.


To access your Settings, click on your name in the top right corner of JobNimbus and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. This will take you to the Settings page where you can access many of the features in JobNimbus that will help you in your account.

Main Settings Menu

Use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to access all of your features and settings. You can access extra features, add your integrations, and update several of your company account settings, such as your company information, team members, and access profiles.

To return to your Dashboard at any time, you can click on the logo in the top left corner of the screen, if you have not yet changed it, the logo will show as the JobNimbus logo, and if you have already updated your company information with a logo of your own, it will be your logo. You can also click on the double arrow "<<" to the right of Settings at the top of the page to return.

Settings - Back Button

To help you set up your JobNimbus account, we will cover three of the Settings features: Team, Access Profiles, and Company.


On the Company page, you can access and update your Company information. You can add a logo that will show up not only in the upper left corner of JobNimbus, but also in your Estimates, Invoices, and other documents that you can send out to your contacts.

To get to your Company settings, select Company from the menu on the left.

Settings - Menu Company

On the Company page, you can view and edit your company information. To access your company information, click on the three dots to the right of your company and select Edit from the menu that pops up.

Settings - Company Edit

In the Company Information, you can:

  1. change your Company name.
  2. add an address, and other details for your company.
  3. change your Company logo by clicking on "Add a company logo" in the top left of the window, or change it at any time by clicking on the logo you had added. For more information on logo sizes check out our FAQ section.
  4. give your company a color that will appear in JobNimbus' header.
  5. reset your logo and color by clicking on the button labeled "Reset logo and color".

    Settings - Company Add Location
When you finish updating your company's information and adding a logo, click on the "Save Location" button.


On the Team page, you can add new team members and deactivate old ones. You can also see and edit your team member's profiles. You can review who is on your team and the last time they used JobNimbus.

To get to the Team Settings, select Team from the menu on the left.

Settings - Menu Team

Once in the Team Settings, you can add a new Team Member by clicking on the blue button, "Invite Team Member".

Settings - Team Page2

This will bring up the Add New Team Member Window. In this window, you can invite a new team member by adding the team member's Name and Email address. You can then invite the team member by clicking on "Invite Team Member" you can also add the current team member and invite another by clicking on "Add & Invite another Team Member".

Settings - Team Add Team Member

By clicking on More Options, you can add further information to your Team Members such as:

  1. choosing a password for the Team Member.
  2. selecting an Access Profile.
  3. and adding in other details.
  4. choosing a specific color for the team member that will be shown on the calendar.

Settings - Team Add Team Member More Options

To deactivate the team member, select deactivate from the drop-down menu. This will deactivate the team member, making it so they are unable to log in and use your JobNimbus account, but all of the notes and activity they had entered when they were active will be untouched.Settings - Team Members - Deactivate

If your team members are ever locked out of the JobNimbus application due to entering their password incorrectly six times, an admin can remove that security lockout for a team member by clicking on the three dots to the right of the team member's name and selecting "Remove login security lockout" from the drop-down menu.

Settings - Team Member - Lockout

Access Profiles

On the Access Profiles page, you can change the permissions your Team Members have. Access Profiles are assigned in the Team page, but if you want to change the permissions from the default profiles, you can do so on the Access Profiles page.

To access the Access Profiles page, select Access Profiles from the menu on the left.

Settings - Menu Access Profile

Once in the Access Profile settings, you can Edit any of the current profiles. At any time, you can add an Access Profile by clicking on the Blue button labeled "Access Profile".

Settings - Access Profile Add

To edit an Access Profile, click on the three dots to the right of the Access Profile and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

Settings - Access Profile Edit

In the Edit Access Profile window, you can rename the profile and choose which access permissions each profile will have.

Settings - Access Profile Settings Record Access Full

Here is a breakdown of the different Access options and what they mean for your team members:

Limited Access vs. Full Access
    • Full access users can see all jobs and contacts, whether or not they have been assigned to those jobs or contacts.
    • Limited access users can only see contacts/jobs they are assigned to or sales rep of. If you decide to enable Groups, then limited access users who are group leaders will also be able to see jobs/contacts assigned to the team members in their group.
Exclude system activity from mobile devices
    • System activity includes status changes and edits made to the Contact or Job information. You can view this activity in the Web App, the web version of JobNimbus, by going to the Activity tab under the Contact or Job and changing the view from “User Created” to “System Activity.” Make sure to leave this checkbox checked so the Mobile App runs faster. 
Record Access
    • Record access gives you the option to allow team members different levels of access to different types of records.
      1. No Access (they won’t see the records, even if they are assigned to the contact)
      2. View (they can see the records, but not edit them)
      3. Create & Edit (they can see, create and edit records)
      4. Delete (they can see, create, edit, and delete records)

Record types:

    1. Documents: any documents created under a contact/job, found in the Activity tab (to create a document, click on the three dots in a contact or job's information and select Create Document) Note: this does not affect Company Documents. To learn more about creating documents, read our article here.
    2. Estimates, Invoices, and Credit Memos: financial documents created under a contact or job. To learn more about creating your financial documents, read our article here.
    3. Company Documents: documents not attached to a specific contact or job, but uploaded to the “Documents” tab on your Dashboard. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it. to learn more about Company Documents, read our article here.
    4. Budgets: budgets and commissions located under the Financials tab of a contact or job. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it. To learn more about creating budgets, read our article here.
    5. Work Orders: documents you send to your subcontractors or use to separate your work by type. These documents are found in your Work Order tab. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it. To learn about creating Work Orders, read our article here.
    6. Material Orders: documents you send to your suppliers. These are found in your Financials tab. Note: this feature needs to be enabled to use it. To learn about creating Material Orders, read our article here.

In the bottom half of the Edit Profile window, you can change what Features Team Members with this specific Access Profile has access to.

Access Profile Edit Bottom

Here is a breakdown of the different Feature Access options:

Feature Access

    • Export: the ability to export reports, including Contact and Job reports, to a CSV or Excel file.
    • Import Contacts: the ability to import clients from spreadsheets in addition to creating new ones in JobNimbus.
    • Bulk Edit: the ability to bulk delete records on reports, including all Jobs and Contacts.
    • Built-In Reports: the ability to view the Built-In Reports, which deal with company sales.
    • Private Attachments & Notes: the ability to view and create and mark attachments and notes as private in the Attachments section under a Contact or Job.
    • Account Subscription: the ability to see and edit the credit card and subscription status for the company. Note: anyone with Account Subscription Access will receive the JobNimbus Receipt Email when you are billed.
    • Account Settings: the ability to see and edit anything located under Settings, including Access Profiles. Note: you will not be able to share items such as Reports and Boards in JobNimbus unless you have Account Settings. Note: this setting will allow anyone to expand their own Access Profile.
    • Delete Records: the ability to delete Contacts, Jobs, Documents, Photos, and any activity in the Activity tab under a Contact or Job.

When you are done editing, make sure to click the "Save" button at the very bottom.

Do's and Dont's


  • When opening Settings for the first time, click through what is available. Familiarize yourself with the settings menu.
  • Add your Company information, Team Members, and create Access Profiles


  • Get overwhelmed looking in the settings menu for the first time. Follow our articles to learn more.
  • Don't enable features just yet. You'll learn more about Features later.

Next, visit our article on Workflows.



  • How do I access Settings?

You access your settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

  • How do I get back to my dashboard from Settings?

You can get back to your Dashboard by either clicking on your logo in the top left corner of JobNimbus, or by clicking on the "<<" to the right of the word Settings in the top left corner of the screen.

Company Settings:

  • What size should my logo be?

We recommend your logo be a rectangle as that size works best in our Estimate and Invoice Templates. The size of your logo does not matter, but in order for your logo to look its best, we recommend larger sizes as long as the ratio matches the recommended 150 x 40 pixel.

  • My Company logo is fuzzy. Why does it look so bad on JobNimbus Estimates and Invoices?

In order for your logo to look its best, we recommend you use a higher resolution and size. As long as your logo is a rectangle and matches the 150 x 40 pixel ratio, your logo will fit nicely in the Estimate and Invoice Templates.

Team Settings:

  • A team member quit, and I don’t want to manually re-assign the new team member to every job and contact the old one was assigned to. 

Instead of adding a new team member, you can change the name and email of the old one in Settings → Team to reflect the new hire’s information. HOWEVER, if you decide to do this, all your records and activity will show the new team member’s name. In JobNimbus, it will be like the old team member never existed.

You can also create a report and use the bulk edit feature to update all of the records at once. To learn more about create reports and using the bulk edit feature, read our article here.

  • After I deactivate a user, am I able to view the notes and activity created by them or assigned to them?

When a user is deactivated, the content created by and assigned to that user is removed. You can re-activate the user, change the password and re-assign contacts/jobs to another user or change the login information to a new user entirely.

You can also create a custom activity report and use a filter for if a Note Type contains all "User deactivated" to view the notes from a deactivated team member. To learn more about creating custom reports, read our article here.

  • Is there a way for me to give a Team Member a specific Access Profile before I invite them?

When you are in the Invite Team Member window, click on "More Options". This will allow you to set the Team Members Access Profile before they receive the invitation to join your account.

  • How can my Team Member receive a password for their invitation?

You can set your Team Member's password to something specific before you send the invitation by clicking "More Options". After you click More Options, click the "Let me choose a password" checkbox. You will then be able to choose a password for your Team Member.

Alternatively, the Team Member can either change the password after they log in or click on "Forgot your Password" on the login screen.

  • I sent the invite, but my Team Member didn't receive it.

When you hire a new Team Member, first make sure their email is set up and ready to receive emails. Otherwise, their email address will bounce and they will not receive it. Also, make sure you enter their email address correctly.

  • I used to be able to add Team Members, but I can no longer add them. Why can I not add more team members?

Check your Access Profile Settings. If you have reached your maximum number of available Team Members, or your maximum number of available seats, you will no longer be able to add Team Members unless you have Account Subscription Access.

Access Profile Settings:

  • What does the "Exclude system activity from mobile devices" checkbox do?

System activity includes contact/job status changes and updates. It’s generally unnecessary for the mobile app, and it’s usually hidden from view on the web app as well. To see it in the web app, change the view on an Activity tab from “User Created” to “System Activity” or “All.”

  • I want my team member to have access to a job or contact, but I don’t want them to see some of the specific notes or attachments.

Make those notes and attachments “Private,” and control who has access to private attachments in Access Profiles. This is accessible to everyone who can view private notes

Access Profile Edit Private Attachment

  • I am a full access user, but I am not seeing some contacts/jobs on the mobile app.

Check your workflows to see when you start archiving your jobs and contacts. Archived jobs and contacts will not be visible on the mobile app, even to full access users.

  • I am a limited access user, but I can see work orders/jobs/contacts that I’m not assigned to.

Have your admin check your workflows. If any of them are set to “Everyone,” you will be able to see the contacts/jobs/work orders in that workflow regardless of other settings.

  • My limited access team member can see a job/contact they are not assigned to or a sales rep of.

If you assign a limited access user a task, they will also be able to see the related contact or job associated with that task.

  • I want all my limited access users to have access to my subcontractors/ insurance carriers so they can add them to jobs, but I don’t want them to have full access.

Create a contact workflow for your subcontractors or insurance carriers, and set it to “Everyone” instead of “Assignees.” 

  • I want my manager to have the ability to add new team members. What setting is that in Access Profiles?

In order to add new team members, your manager needs access to both the “Settings” and “Subscription” checkboxes in their access profile.

  • How can I give my team members access to budgets, but not commissions?

Budgets and commissions cannot be separated by access.

  • How can I give my team members access to their commissions, but not all commissions?

Commission access is all-or-nothing. You cannot separate commissions by access.


Contact Us

Still have a few questions about setting up your company’s settings page? Contact Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at support@jobnimbus.com.

Have a great idea to help us improve our settings page? Recommend features and vote for requests at JobNimbus Feedback!