How Do I Enable the CompanyCam Integration?


  • You must have an active account with both CompanyCam and JobNimbus in order to set up the integration.
  • Integrations are not available on CompanyCam's "Basic" subscription. Upgrade your plan to take advantage this feature.
  • You must have Admin privileges in both CompanyCam and JobNimbus.
  • You must use an Admin email address in both CompanyCam and JobNimbus to set up the integration.

Section 1

Within your JobNimbus account:

  1. Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the Settings menu on the left, open the Features tab.
  4. Scroll to CompanyCam and toggle On the integration.
  5. From the Settings menu on the left, open the API tab.
  6. Select New API Key. Choose CompanyCam from the "Description" drop-down menu.
  7. From the "Access Profile" drop-down select a profile that has full access.

    Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 3.05.33 PM

  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Copy the newly created API Key.

    Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 8.07.49 AM

Section 2

Within your CompanyCam account:

  1. Select the Integrations tab under the "Resources" section in the left-hand menu.

  2. Within the Integrations page, paste the API Key you copied in step 7 of section 1 above into the field under the "JobNimbus" section.

  3. Enter the Admin email address into the top field.
    Note: the email here must have full permissions in CompanyCam and JobNimbus in order for the integration to work correctly.

  4. Choose whether you will sync your Contacts or Jobs. You can also choose to sync Jobs' Primary Contacts. 
  5. Save the information by clicking Connect.

After you choose your sync, your 100 most recent Contacts or Jobs from JobNimbus will push into CompanyCam as Projects.

We're almost done - Just a few more steps!

Section 3

In your CompanyCam account:

  1. Click on your profile icon at the top left and select Access Tokens from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select the + New Token button.
  3. Within the "Create an Access Token" window, choose JobNimbus from the drop-down provided.
    ⚠️DO NOT check the optional settings box labeled "This token will ONLY be used to read data from CompanyCam". That will make the token Read-Only and it will not function correctly.

    CompanyCam - Create Token

  4. Select "Create Token" and then copy the generated characters.

Section 4

Back in your JobNimbus account, navigate to the CompanyCam tab in your Settings.

CompanyCam - JobNimbus Settings Menu

Once here:

  1. Paste the token from CompanyCam into the field

  2. Choose whether you will sync your Contacts or Jobs. Be sure to make the same selection you made in step 4 of section 2 above.

  3. Click Save

CompanyCam - JobNimbus Post Token

If the integration setup was successful, you will see "Active" next to the "Token Status", "User Status", and "Company Status" fields within the CompanyCam tab of your JobNimbus Settings.