How Do I Integrate With Angi Through Zapier?

Automatically pull your leads from Angi over to JobNimbus using Zapier.

  1. Log into your Zapier account and click on the +Create Zap button

  2. From the Trigger window, select Webhook under the "Built-in tools" section on the right
    1. Note: be sure your Zapier Subscription includes this premium feature

  3. Click into the Event field and choose "Catch Hook" from the drop-down menu
  4. Select Continue when prompted

  5. Within the "Pick off a Child Key" field, input the token you receive from Angi 
    1. Note: this information can only be provided by Angi. Contact their team for assistance.
  6. Click Continue to move forward

  7. Copy the Webhook once it's generated
    1. This will be pasted within your Angi account; contact a representative of their team to learn more.
  8. Click on the Action field, then search for and select "JobNimbus"

  9. Click into the Event field and choose "Create Contact" from the drop-down

  10. Click Continue when prompted
  11. Follow the steps to connect your JobNimbus account
Once you finish setting up the action using the data pulled by the Webhook, you can either test the automation or skip to complete it.