How Do I Integrate with Angi through Zapier?

Automatically pull your leads from Angi over to JobNimbus using Zapier.

  1. Log into your Zapier account and click on the +Create Zap button


  2. From the Trigger window, select Webhook under the "Built-in tools" section on the right
    1. Note: be sure your Zapier Subscription includes this premium feature

  3. Click into the Event field and choose "Catch Hook" from the drop-down menu
  4. Select Continue when prompted

  5. This will generate your customer Webhook URL that will be posted to HomeAdvisor and is ready for a test. 

    1. Note: If you would only like to extrapolate certain
      pieces of information from the lead, you can identify those fields
      in the "Pick Off A Child Key" field. For the purpose of capturing
      all information from the lead, you can keep this blank and the
      the system will capture the entire lead as it is sent. 
  6. Click Continue to move forward
  7. Test the trigger by having Angi Leads send a test lead to the
    webhook URL. For this part, you will need an Angi Product integration
    resource to send a test lead from a test account for verification. You
    can email to generate a test lead and
    troubleshoot any problems. 

  8. After clicking Test Trigger, you should see the following, indicating
    a successful connection between Angi Leads and Zapier. All the lead
    data fields should be populating like below


  9. Click on the Action field, then search for and select "JobNimbus" 
  10. Click into the Event field and choose "Create Contact" from the drop-down

  11. Click Continue when prompted
  12. Follow the steps to connect your JobNimbus account


  13. Set up the action by mapping the Angi Lead data fields to the JobNimbus Contact data fields. If you click on the grey bar under each attribute, a drop-down list will show you all the Angi Lead data fields available for mapping.

  14. Perform this for each of the desired fields. 

  15. Test the action and check that all the data flows through correctly.


  16. Log into your JobNimbus CRM and check to see if the test lead arrived in the queue and if things are populating correctly in the contact card


  17. Your Zap should be complete. Make sure to turn it on using the toggle to the right of the Zap on the home screen to make the integration live. Now the JobNimbus account should be receiving leads live as they are assigned to the pro.