naturalForms Integration

What is naturalForms?

naturalForms is a mobile app that replaces paper forms and collects information electronically that exactly match your current paperwork.

What Can You Do?

  • Use industry-leading forms or create your current forms.
  • Pre-Populate form data from JobNimbus.
  • Collect form information and auto update contacts or jobs.
  • Capture and annotate project photos or locations.
  • Share data between platforms.

How Does It Work?

Pre-populate your customer information from JobNimbus, fill out your forms, and automatically sync the form as an Attachment in your Contacts or Jobs folder using the JobNimbus Mobile App.

Getting Started

Before enabling this feature, you will first need a naturalForms account. You can find out more about naturalForms and their pricing on their website. If you already have an existing naturalForms account, you will also need to ensure your form's fields are appropriately named and set up as detailed, here.

To connect the naturalForms integration to your JobNimbus account:

  1. From the API section in your JobNimbus settings, click on New API key, use the drop-down to update the description to naturalForms, change the access to Admin and save the API key.
  2. From the Features of your JobNimbus settings, scroll down to the section titled “3rd Party Features” and locate “naturalForms”. To the right, select the corresponding Enable button.
    naturalForms - Enable Feature
  3. A new tab titled naturalForms will appear in the left-hand side of your JobNimbus Settings. If the tab doesn’t appear immediately, refresh the page. Select the naturalForms tab.
  4. In the naturalForms tab, click on Connection in the top right corner and select "Connect your JobNimbus Account".
    naturalForms - Settings Page
  5. At the login screen within the naturalForms tab, paste the API key you created in step 1 and click OK.
    naturalForms - Connnect Account
  6. Once enabled, the list of templates you have setup in naturalForms is displayed. To enable a template to be used with JobNimbus, just change the Status of a template from "Off" to "On"
    naturalForms Enable Template

Setting Up Your naturalForms Template for JobNimbus

Prior to being able to use the JobNimbus+naturalForms integration, you will first need to set up your templates for the first time or update your existing templates.

To get started with setting up your naturalForms templates for the first time, please see the naturalForms video tutorial titled Getting Started with Designer. Additionally, more training tutorials are available from the Templates section of the naturalForms Support website.

Step 1: Create your Form

To create your form, or "template" as it is called naturalForms,  open the app in naturalForms. You can add a PDF as the background via the Designer, which is accessed from with the Templates page. To learn more about updating the design of your template in naturalForms, check out their Designer overview video and for exact details follow the steps for Adding a Template.

Step 2: Setup your Smart Fields & Rules

After designing your form, you can add field overlays to your PDF background by using what naturalForms calls "Field Tools". To learn more about Field Tools and finish this step, review their article here

You can also set up certain rules in your templates. These rules, such as calculations, conditional mandatory, logic and others can be added to your templates by following the setup rules in their Rule Guides.

Step 3: Standardize the naming of your template fields

When you initiate a form from JobNimbus, JobNimbus will "push" certain contact fields into the form, allowing default fields to be pre-filled without you needing to manually fill in the fields. The following fields are available for you to use in your templates.  If you plan to use these fields, be sure to set the field "Name" and "Identifier" in the Field Settings of a field in the Designer with the correct naming convention as it is listed below.

The default fields available for JobNimbus pre-population are:

JobNimbus naturalForms
First Name FirstName
Last Name LastName
Email Email
Home Phone HomePhone
Fax Number FaxNumber
Mobile Phone MobilePhone
Company Company
Address Line 1 AddressLine1
Address Line 2 AddressLine2
City City
State State
State Code StateCode
Country Country
Postal Code PostalCode

Just like default fields, you can use custom fields in JobNimbus to pre-populate into naturalForms. To setup custom fields, use the same naming convention for the default fields, just use the names of the fields you created without spaces and only the first letter of each word or sequence capitalized. For example, if you have a custom field titled Claim RCV, input it as ClaimRcv.

Before you create the any templates make sure:

  1. You have assigned the template to the appropriate users within naturalForms. You can do this by editing the template and looking at the "Assigned Users" tab. To learn about templates in naturalForms, visit their article here.
  2. You have performed a "sync" from the naturalForms mobile app

After you have completed the steps above your template will be setup and ready to be assigned to a user.

Try it out!

At this point, you should be ready to try it out.

  1. Make sure you've downloaded and logged into your naturalForms mobile app
  2. Make sure you've logged out and logged back in on your JobNimbus mobile app
  3. Create a test contact from your JobNimbus mobile app. Be sure to fill in some of the optional fields so that you can verify that the forms are pre-filled in the naturalForms mobile app.
  4. While looking at the contact, click the "•••" button at the bottom middle of the screen
  5. You should see a naturalForms option by scrolling down through the options for you to select
  6. You should see a list of the templates you defined in step 3. Select one or more templates and click "Apply"
  7. You should now be taken to the naturalForms mobile app and you should see the form(s) that you just initiated
  8. Click into the form and you should see that it's been pre-filled with the common fields that you set up in step 2.
  9. Finish filling out the form and click the green Submit checkbox at the top of the screen.
  10. After a few minutes, you should see the final PDF show up back in JobNimbus under the "Documents" tab.

Once you have created your naturalForms document in naturalForms, it will appear in your Contact's Documents tab in JobNimbus.


If you have any questions or if you need any assistance with naturalForms, templates in naturalForms, or any question regarding the integration, contact naturalForms' Support Team here:

If you have questions about enabling the feature in JobNimbus, check out our article here: Integrations. You can also contact Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at


  • Will my budget or billing sync with JobNimbus?
    The way the sync works is that a .pdf comes over to JobNimbus. It is not integrated with any in application features we have.
  • Can I sync JobNimbus to work with more than one naturalForms account?
    Unfortunately, no. Due to technical reasons, JobNimbus can only be synced with one naturalForms account for a company.
  • Can I use naturalForms for job records?
    While you can create a document through naturalForms for a Job record, it is unable to create a form with any of the parent contact's related fields or information. It is suggested to use naturalForms at the contact-level. Job fields available for use are as follows:
    AddressLine1 , AddressLine2 , City , State , PostalCode , Country , SalesRep , JobNimbusId, and custom Job fields.