Simplii Integration

What is Simplii?

Simplii is a hosted Voice-Over IP (VOIP) provider. Simplii lets you receive calls from your contacts in JobNimbus, as well as call out to your Contacts. When a call comes in, it will include the image that has been uploaded into the Contact's record in JobNimbus, along with a direct link to that specific record. Simplii will log a note in the Contact's activity feed which includes a recording of the call.

Enabling the Integration

In order to integrate with Simplii, you will first need to create an API key. This key will then be pasted in your Simplii account. You will also want to enable Simplii's chrome extension to get the most out of the integration.

To create an API key, click on your name in the top-right corner and select "Settings". If you don't have settings access, talk to someone on your team who has admin access. In your settings, select "API" from the left side navigation bar.

In the API tab in settings, click on "New API Key", type Simplii into the description field, choose Admin from the Access Profile Drop-down menu, and Save the API key. After saving the key, copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it into Simplii.

Simplii - API key

Using Simplii with JobNimbus

After Simplii has been completely enabled with JobNimbus, you can start using the software with your Contacts in JobNimbus.

One thing you'll notice right away is that the phone numbers in JobNimbus are highlighted with red. Hovering over the link shows an SMS icon you can click to send a text message. Clicking on the number calls the number through Simplii.

Simplii - Contact Page

Sending Texts with Simplii

To send a text to your contacts, hover over the Contact's phone number and click on the SMS icon that shows to the right of the phone number. This pulls up the window to send your contact a text message through your Simplii VOIP service.

Simplii Text Msg WindowType in the text field to compose your message. After you have composed your message, click on the send icon to send your SMS message.

The window above the text message shows your text conversation history with your Contact.

Along with sending text messages, you can also choose to send attachments such as photos and videos. To send an attachment, click on the link icon, choose a file from your computer and upload it into the text message. You will then be able to send it via your VOIP service.

If you have created canned messages, click "Canned Message" and choose the specific canned message from the drop-down menu.

Simplii Set Text TimeYou can also choose to send your text message at a specific time. To delay sending your text message, click on the clock icon. This will bring up a window for you to choose the specific date and time you want to send your message. Once you have entered the date and time you want to send your message, click "Done".

By clicking on the gear icon at the top of the text message window, you can set up an auto text responder which will send a specific text message during certain hours, such as a message if someone tries to contact you after hours.

All texts and replies appear in the Contact's activity feed in your JobNimbus account.

Making Calls with Simplii

Simplii Call Window

To make a call, click on the highlighted phone number. This pulls up the call window which overlays your browser window and calls the Contact.

The call window shows the Contact's name and the image you have uploaded to JobNimbus for the Contact.

Below the Contact details, is a window to actively take notes. You can save the notes you take during your calls and they will show up in the note with a recording of the call after the call is done.

There will also be a link to the Contact's file in JobNimbus, so if you happen to be on a different window in your browser, you can easily click the link to open JobNimbus and view the file. This is especially helpful if you are receiving the call from your Contact.

After the call is finished, the recording and the notes you have saved on the call will appear in the activity feed of the Contact's file. Clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the recording will allow you to download the call to your computer.


If you have any questions regarding enabling the integration or how to use Simplii, or if there any issues with the integration not working correctly, contact Simplii via phone call at (888) 787-7670, or email their customer support at

If you have any questions about creating the API key in JobNimbus, check out our article here: Integrations. You can also contact Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at