Courtesy of Spotio Success


Spotio solves the problem of tracking sales activities, whether door to door, direct, field, face-to-face, canvassing or outside salespeople. For the integration to work, you need to get an API key from JobNimbus.

Contact for Support

Live Chat Support: orange support square at the bottom right of screen.

On-Site Support: 1186 Inwood Rd, Suite 162, Dallas, TX 75244

Phone Support: 866.212.1250

Scope of Support

For issues regarding the Spotio integration, please contact Spotio directly.


How to Integrate

To get started with Spotio, please visit their website at or via phone at 866.212.1250.

Once you're set up with them, you can continue forward with the process of requesting an API from our system, as described below.

Requesting an API Key for Spotio from JobNimbus:

  1. Log into your JobNimbus account, go to your name at the top right, and choose “Settings”.
  2. Find and click on the API tab on the left side.
  3. Click the button for “New API Key”.
  4. Click into the “Description” field and choose Spotio.
  5. Then, select the Access Profile you would like to grant this integration. This allows the integration to have more or less control.
  6. Once you’ve done that, click “Save”.
  7. At that point, you’ll see a brand new API key available to you. An API key is essentially a unique password that allows other services to do stuff with your account (like save pictures). You can use the link to “Copy” so that you’ve got it ready to paste into Spotio.