What Are the Essential Elements in Accounts Receivable?

Maximize efficient management of your accounts receivables and quickly identify gaps in your cash flow

Optimize your cash flow with Insights Accounts Receivable Reports:

  •  Access the tool by selecting the Menu in the upper left-hand corner and selecting Accounts Receivable from the list.

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Understanding the key elements of the report:

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  1. Page Filters can be added on any page in Insights. Page Filtering applies the filters to all screens in Insights
  2. Applying a Tab Filter will apply the filtration to only the page you are on. All Insights filters are sticky, meaning they will remain on the page even if you navigate away from Insights and come back.
  3. Get a simple breakdown of your Outstanding Invoices by Status. Click the individual Statuses in the graph to drill down to the next level for more details of which Invoices are being accounted for in the graph view. 
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  4. All Outstanding Invoices are totaled here and can be filtered to show additional Invoice Statuses if needed. Hover over the filed to see a count of Invoices totaled in the report. 
  5. Easily pinpoint any opportunities for enhancement or bottlenecks in the process collecting outstanding Invoices. Just like the "All Outstanding Invoices" feature, hovering over the report will reveal an Invoice count. 
  6. Click the arrows to expand the Days Overdue Category for a full report of all Invoices in the specified time frame. 
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Accounts Receivable is not able to display Financial Documents for any Parent Record that was added to JobNimbus prior to January 2023.