What can I see on the Team Activity Report?

This report shows how much your team members are using JobNimbus as well as their activity during a specified date range.

You can view team member-specific activity such as log-ins, Tasks created, or Contact/Job creating; the more times they have logged in or made changes in their account, the more they are utilizing JobNimbus.

Built-in Reports Team Activity2-1

In viewing the report, you can:

  1. Adjust the Date Range for when the activity was recorded.
  2. Check or uncheck this box to "Show team members with no activity for the time period".
  3. Add or Remove Columns from the report.
  4. View your team's activity

Clicking on a team member's name under the "User" column will take you to their contact page where you can see specific activity, such as emails, that the team member has created in JobNimbus.