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What Customization Options Are Available for My Quote Pages? (New Sales Experience)

Explore the various customization options available for Cover Page Settings and Price Adjustments, allowing you to tailor how your estimates are generated

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  • JobNimbus Settings access users can access the Page Settings from the Estimate Settings menu.
  • Cover Page Settings - By enabling these settings, the email address and phone number associated with the Job in JobNimbus will be shown on the Title Page of your quote.

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    • Display project email on the Title Page
    • Display project phone number on Title Page


  • Estimate Detail Page Settings - Enabling Price Adjustments allows specified users to apply markups and discounts to the Quote Details Page. 
    • To grant this access, click on the edit pencil icon located next to Price Adjustments.

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    • Choose which users you would like to give access to: No one, Admins only, or All users.
    • If you choose an Admin or All users, you must set the limits for Price Adjustments and save your changes.

    • Once the changes are saved, users with access will be able to see a new section when creating or editing a quote. In the Quote Details, they can easily apply discounts and additional markups.

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    • Choose the type of Price Adjustment you want to apply and save it. After saving the discount or markup to the quote, you can then input details about the adjustment and choose to activate or deactivate it.

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    • Discounts or additional markups will be included in the total section of the quote, providing a clear breakdown of the adjusted pricing.


  • Multiple markups and discounts can be added to a single quote for a more detailed pricing breakdown.