Can I Use Projects in QuickBooks Online?

JobNimbus officially does not sync to Projects and cannot import anything that has been added to a Project created in QuickBooks. The following information is a workaround for those still wanting to use Projects.


  • This is only available in Plus or Advanced QB subscriptions.
  • The workaround requires the use of Jobs in JobNimbus

  1. Create a Contact and a Job in JobNimbus and move them to a status that syncs to QuickBooks.
  2. The job will create a sub-customer in QuickBooks. You must then convert that sub-customer in QuickBooks to a Project. This option exists in two places:
    1. When you open the customer list screen (the Project section has to be accessed inside QuickBooks before this option shows in the customer list):

    2. Or in the Projects tab:

Once the sub-customer is converted to a Project, transactions added to that Job in JobNimbus will be added to the Project in QuickBooks.

Please keep in mind that this only works as long as the sync stays intact.

If there is ever a reason to disconnect the sync between JobNimbus and QuickBooks, we will NOT be able to re-establish the link between any records that are in a Project.