Can Jobs Be Recovered After They Have Been Deleted?

Learn how to see when and by whom a Job was deleted, as well as how to undelete them.

Recovering a Job that has been deleted by mistake or otherwise can be done by creating a Custom Report.

  1. Within the Reports tab located at the top of your account, click on the three dots next to "My Saved Reports" and select Create Activity Report from the menu of options.

    Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 8.33.22 AM

  2. Select the Add Filter menu and choose "System Activity" from the dropdown menu.

     add filter dropdown menu

  3. Click in the "Select Activity Type(s)" field and choose "Job Deleted" from the options. 

       activity report add filter job deleted

  4. Once you locate the name of the Job (found under the "Parent Workflow" column) click on their name to view the record.
  5. A red banner with a blue button will appear on the Job's page. Click Undelete to restore the record.


What happens to associated files:

  • Photos, Documents, and financial documents (i.e. Estimates and Invoices) will reappear with the Job when it is undeleted.
    • These files will also no longer be visible under a related/parent Contact's record.
  • Any associated tasks will no longer be related to the Job after it has been undeleted, but the task itself will still remain in the system. 
  • Related Contacts of the deleted Job will be removed as "related", even after undeleting the Job; you will need to manually relate the records again.