HOVER Integration

What is HOVER?

HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model so you can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize what the final project will look like.

A full description of their offerings can be found, here

What can you do with HOVER?

  • Receive all exterior measurements of any property – including measurements for the roof, siding, windows, doors, and detailed key line segments such as soffits and frieze boards – as well as an interactive 3D model.
  • Use the detailed measurements to quickly pull together an accurate quote and material order list. 

How does it integrate with JobNimbus?

  • Order HOVER measurements directly within JobNimbus.
  • Populate your customer or job’s address information from JobNimbus as a new project in HOVER.
  • Receive a copy of your project’s measurements and interactive 3D model within your contact or job’s attachments.

Integrating with Hover

  1. From within the JobNimbus Settings, proceed to Features.
  2. Scroll down to “3rd party integrations” and locate the enable button to the right of “HOVER”. Select Enable.
    HOVER - Enable Feature2
  3. From the left-hand column of your JobNimbus Settings, select the HOVER tab.
    HOVER - Left Menu option
  4. Select “Connect to HOVER”.
    HOVER - Hover connect
  5. Login to HOVER, if prompted, with your username and password combination.

Note: If you do not have a current HOVER account, you can sign up for one by selecting the hyperlink, First Time? Sign up now, at the login page. Make sure to sign up as a Professional and not a Homeowner.

  1. On the screen to follow, you will be prompted to “Authorize JobNimbus to use your account?”. Select Authorize.
  2. Your HOVER account is now integrated with JobNimbus.

Using the HOVER Integration

Sending an Order to HOVER from within JobNimbus:

  1. From within a contact or job, select the action menu ()
  2. Select Send to HOVER.
  3. On the following pop-up window:
    1. Roof Only - Interactive 3D model with roof square footage, roof lengths (ridges/hips, valleys, rakes, gutters/eaves), and roof pitch.
    2. Complete - Interactive 3D model including measurements for the entire exterior of a property.
    3. HOVER Now - Roof square estimate within 30 minutes of submitting photos, so you can pull together a quote while still onsite.
    1. Select an Assignee from the drop-down.
    2. Select a HOVER Deliverable:
    3. Select Send Order.
  4. A pop-up alert will state “Order was sent to HOVER Successfully” 
  5. Additionally, a new post in the Activity tab of the contact or job will appear describing for what and when the order was placed.
  6. You or your team members can then proceed to use HOVER’s mobile app (Android |iOS) to take photos to complete your HOVER order. More regarding how to use HOVER’s mobile and web apps can be found, here.

Receiving and Reviewing HOVER measurements PDF within JobNimbus

Once an order has been completed within HOVER, the primary image for the address and the measurements PDF for that address will appear along with a notification in the Activity tab of the contact or job the measurements PDF and 3D model relate to. To retrieve a copy of the measurements PDF:

  1. Within the web app, continue to the desired contact or job.
    A URL to your 3D model will be included within the Activity tab of your contact or job, once the order is complete. To retrieve a copy of the PDF proceed to Step 2.
  2. Select the “Attachments” tab.
  3. Locate the complete HOVER measurements pdf.
  4. To the right of the document, select the action menu ().
  5. Select View to view the measurements PDF in your web browser. Select Print to print the measurements PDF. Select Download to download a copy to your device’s Downloads folder.


    For issues regarding enabling this feature, sending an order to HOVER, or reviewing a returned HOVER measurement PDF in a contact or job, please do not hesitate to contact JobNimbus Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at support@jobnimbus.com.

    For issues within HOVER, photos syncing in HOVER, or other general questions regarding HOVER’s app, please reach out to HOVER Support, directly. You can reach them at (844) 754-6837 or via email at support@hover.to. You can also view their tutorials and support articles at http://help.hover.to/.