Material Orders


Do you work with suppliers and need to send them material orders? Using JobNimbus, you can create your material orders right in the Contact's file. You can build material orders to send to your suppliers right from JobNimbus. To learn more about using suppliers in JobNimbus, read in our article here. The Material Order will stay with your Contact or Job to help you keep your documents organized.

Here, we will go over enabling, creating, and sending material orders.

Before we Get Into it

Enabling Material Orders

To use Material Orders, you will need to enable the feature. To enable the feature, click on your name in the top right corner and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From your settings, select "Features" from the menu on the left, and then click on the button left of "Material Orders".

Work Order - Feature Enable

Material Orders - Enable Feature

After you enable the feature, you will also be able to adjust your team members' access settings for Material Orders in the Access Profiles section in your Settings. To learn more about how to adjust your team members' access profile settings, read in our article here.


Before you can start sending your emails to your suppliers, you will need to add suppliers to JobNimbus. Suppliers are a type of Contact you can add in JobNimbus. To learn more about suppliers read in our article, here. To learn about creating Contacts, read our article, here. After you have added your suppliers in JobNimbus, you can start sending them Material Orders.


Something else you will want to prepare is your Material Order template. You can access your Material Order templates in your settings. To learn more about updating financial templates, read our article here.


Creating Material Orders

You can create a Material Order from the Financials tab in either a Contact or Job. To learn more about accessing Material Orders, read our article here. Clicking on the "Add Material Order" button will pull up the Material Order Builder.

Material Orders - Builder

When creating Material Orders, you can:

  1. Choose an option to either use an existing estimate or manually enter your products and services.
  2. Choose a Design Template you have previously created in the Templates section of your Settings.
  3. Choose a Saved Material Order you have previously created and saved.
  4. Change the Material Order Date.
  5. Add line items. These line items are pulled from your Products & Services. If you have not yet added the line item in your Products & Services, you can enter it in your material order and save the item, which will save it in your Products & Services. While hovering over the line item, the options to delete that line item or add an image to the line item appear.
    Line Item Delete or Add Image
  6. Add another line item or add another section. Sections can help you separate your line items into groups.
  7. Add Special Instructions. The special instructions will appear at the bottom of your material order under the Special Instructions Title and is visible to your supplier.
  8. Add an Internal Note. The internal note will appear in the material order description when you open the material order in JobNimbus and is only visible to your team.
  9. Save your material order as a Saved Material Order template. This will allow you to save the material order, with all of its line items and totals, to be used later. When creating a Saved Material Order template, you will be prompted to give the template a name. Then, it will appear in the Saved Material Order drop-down for the next time you need to create the same document.
  10. Save your material order. This will take you to the Material Order Viewer, so you can see how it will look for your suppliers. It will also save the material order in the Material Orders panel in your Financials tab.

Creating Material Orders from Estimates

You can create material orders from existing estimates either in the Material Order Builder, or from the Financials Tab.

To create the material order from an existing estimate from within the builder, you can choose from the option at the top of the Material Order Builder. Refer to the numbered image above for further information.

To create the material order from an existing estimate from your Financials tab, click on the 3 dots to the right of the estimate, scroll to "Convert to" in the drop-down menu, and select "Material Order". This will open the estimate in the Material Order Builder.

Material Orders - Convert

Material Orders and the Calendar

After you create and send your Material Order, they will show on your JobNimbus calendar under the Material Orders section in the left-side access menu. To learn more about your calendar, read more here.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Look over the material order template and edit it to meet your needs
  • Save frequently used material orders as templates
  • If converting from estimates, remove any labor line items


  • Create your material orders in Contacts if you are going using Jobs


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