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Where Do I Manage My Email Settings? (New Sales Experience)

Control who receives your emails and customize the content that your clients will see when they open your emails

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Email Addresses

  • This feature enables you to automatically include colleagues as CC and BCC recipients in your emails.
  • When adding an email address, you have the option to include it as either a CC or BCC recipient.

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  • Choose whether you want the recipient to receive all emails or only signed estimates.

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  • You only need to add an email address once, either as a CC or BCC recipient, no need to add it to both.
  • This feature specifically pertains to email templates and does not affect notification emails. For further details on other notification types, refer to the notification settings section. 


Email Templates

  • The email templates come pre-set in your settings, but you can customize them to meet your preferences.

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  • To manage the content your customer will see, edit your template by selecting the pencil icon.

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    1. Subject Line - You can customize the subject line to make it more personal and relevant to your email content.
    2. Body - Customize the email body by utilizing simple font editing options and text tokens to automatically insert Contact details, creating a personalized email experience.
    3. Button Text - Customize the button text to provide clear instructions for your customer on what action to take when they see the button.
    4. Attach PDF - To check if a PDF attachment will be included with your emails, simply edit any of the templates. Look for an attachment icon that indicates whether a PDF will be automatically generated for that specific email template.
      1. In certain scenarios, you have the choice to disable the PDF attachment as an optional feature. For instance, to encourage your customer to click on the Review and Sign Quote button instead of just viewing the attachment, you may decide to disable the attachment in this particular case.
    5. Preview - The preview feature enables you to preview how the email template will appear to the customer when they view it on their end.


  • Reports over 5MB will not appear as an attached PDF but instead will show as a "click here" link below the review and sign button. 
  • If you find that your customers are attempting to electronically sign the PDF, it might be beneficial to consider disabling the PDF altogether for documents that are sent for signatures. Refer to step 5 for more information..