Xactimate Integration

Seamlessly pull Xactimate estimates into your JobNimbus account and manage your insurance claims, estimates, and invoices in one place.

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate, an Xactware product, assists both contractors and insurance adjusters with insurance claims. Xactimate is the industry's number one estimating solution for insurance repair. 

Now, you can seamlessly pull Xactimate estimates into your JobNimbus account and manage your insurance claims, estimates, and invoices in one place.

The integration works with Xactanalysis assignments to import Xactimate claims into your account. In order to import an Xactimate claim, the estimate will need to be an assignment in Xactanalyis that is assigned to you.

Please note: Because Xactimate line items do not exist in your JobNimbus Products & Services, the estimates and invoices you create from your Xactimate estimates will not sync with QuickBooks.

Integrating with Xactimate

Integrating Xactimate with JobNimbus is easy. Once you have set up both an Xactimate and XactAnalysis account set up through Xactware, all you need to do is enable the integration in the Features tab in your JobNimbus settings and then connect the software using your Xactware ID.

Enabling the integration

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner of JobNimbus and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Features from the left-side navigation menu.
  3. Scroll down to 3rd Party Features and click on the enable button to the left of Xactimate.Xactimate - Enable Feature

    After you enable the integration, a new option will appear in the left-side navigation menu for Xactimate.
  4. Click on the new "Xactimate" option to open the JobNimbus/Xactimate settings

    Xactimate - Settings Integration Login

Connecting with Xactimate

  1. In the JobNimbus/Xactimate settings, enter your XASP Account ID and XN address. The XN address you enter will be the address from which JobNimbus imports the Xactimate estimates.
  2. Once you have added your account ID and XN address, click "Connect" to complete the integration.
  3. In XactAnalysis, open your Company Setup & Exports. Under "Currently Enabled Exports" change the export type to Automatic.

To access your Company Setup & Exports, use the following link: https://www.xactanalysis.com/apps/cxa/companySetup.jsp.

If you are unable to access your Company Setup & Exports from this link, we suggest you contact Xactware support to ensure you have a Contractor or Xactimate SP account and your account is enabled for integrations.

To find your XN address, log into Xactimate Online and copy the address next to XactAnalysis in the lower half of the page. This XactAnalysis email address is the XN Address that receives your claims.
Xactimate - XN Address2

Once you've added your account ID and XN address, click Connect to complete the integration. The last step is to make sure your company settings in Xactimate are correct.

In XactAnalysis, open your Company Setup & Exports by clicking on Administration in the top ribbon and select "Company Setup & Exports". Your Account ID is found in the bottom of your company card at the top of the page.

Xactimate - Admin Account ID Xanalysis

Under "Currently Enabled Exports," change the export type to Automatic.

Xactimate - Company Setup

Using Xactimate with JobNimbus

With the integration complete, you can now pull your Xactimate estimates into your JobNimbus account. This will help you manage the estimates and invoices for your insurance jobs.

When importing an estimate, the assignment must be received from an Xactanalysis Carrier account to your Xactanalysis Contractor account.  Any existing estimate or assignment must be reassigned or updated through Xactanalysis in order to import it into JobNimbus.

To open your Xactimate estimates:

  1. Navigate to a contact in JobNimbus
  2. Click on "Financials"
  3. Click on "Add Estimate"
  4. Use the search bar under the Design Template drop-down to search for your Xactimate claim number
    Xactimate - Estimate Search Xactimate2
    This claim number will pull from the XN address you entered into the Xactimate page in your JobNimbus settings.
  5. You will see all the claims that match the number you searched. Select the claim you want to import.
  6. Click "Import"Xactimate - Estimate Choose Xactimate2

All products and services from the Xactimate estimate you imported will be generated in the estimate builder, including the sections that were created in Xactimate.

JobNimbus Xactimate
Item Name Xactimate Item Identifier
Description Xactimate Line Item Number, Activity (- for Remove, + for Replace, & for Remove and Replace), item description
Quantity Quantity from Xactimate estimate
Cost Xactimate Cost
Price Xactimate Price

Xactimate - Estimate Use Xactimate

You can then update the estimate in JobNimbus as needed.

Once you click "Save Estimate," the Xactimate estimate will appear under the contact in JobNimbus. You can find it in the Financials tab.


What XN Address should I use to connect with Xactimate?

  • If you add in a full XN Address, such as john.doe@schnellco.com, you will only receive Xactimate estimates from that address, but if you use the domain, such as SCHNELLCO, you will be able to input any Xactimate estimates sent to your company Xactimate account. If you are planning to use a full address, we suggest you use an office address to receive your Xactimate estimates so you can pull them into your JobNimbus account.

    Why won't my estimates and invoices sync with QuickBooks?

    • The Products & Services listed on your Xactimate estimates do not become part of your JobNimbus Products & Services when you pull an estimate into JobNimbus.
    • When estimates sync from JobNimbus to QuickBooks, they must first sync Products & Services. Because the Xactimate Products & Services will not match, your estimates created through the Xactimate integration will not sync with QuickBooks.


    For any technical questions or software issues with Xactimate or Xactware products, please contact a member of the Xactware support team via their eService center. Once you’ve signed in with your Xactware ID and password, click the Live Chat link to chat with a technician or send an email by selecting the Ask-a-Question link. This resource is available 24/7 and is free. Phone support is also available Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 6:00 pm MT at 800-710-XACT (9228) though a fee may apply.

    If you have any questions regarding enabling the integration or using Xactimate estimates in JobNimbus-- or if you run into any technical issues-- feel free contact JobNimbus Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at support@jobnimbus.com.