Documents & Photos

Can photos and documents that I have uploaded be recovered once they are deleted?

Discover what files can and cannot be recovered after being deleted.

When selecting the three dots to the right of either a document or a photo, you'll be given the option to delete, assuming you have the proper Access Profile permissions. 

Review the pop-up warning and confirm that you want to move forward with deleting the attachment.

v2 deleting external files warning

This will permanently delete the file from your account. If you want to maintain a copy of it for your records, we recommend downloading the document or photo to your device first. 

  • Keep in mind that all photos, even those taken with the JobNimbus Mobile App, can never be recovered.

Note: Files such as Estimates, Invoices, and Documents that have been created in JobNimbus can be recovered if deleted. Review our Custom Reports article to find out how.