How do I get more information about JobNimbus?

It's easy to learn more about JobNimbus, as well as get all of the latest news.

To see announcements about the latest features or learn more about how to use your JobNimbus account, click on the "?" in the bottom left of your JobNimbus account.

Knowledge Base - Click the question mark icon to learn more

This pulls up the Resource Center.

Knowledge Base - Options in the Resource CenterHere, you can look forward to:

  • Announcements. Read company news and press releases.
  • Product Updates. Check out the latest releases and new features as well as learn about new partnerships.
  • Quickstart. Participate in quick onboarding guides to help you within your first 30 days using JobNimbus.
  • Grow Your Business. Learn product tips and tricks that will accelerate your growth after your first 30 days.
  • Knowledge Base. Read through our how-to articles to really learn the ins and outs of JobNimbus.
  • Share Your Feedback. Give us your feedback and 
    suggestions about JobNimbus features so we know what you want to see in future updates.

A number next to the "?", Knowledge Base - The number next to the icon shows how many new notifications you have, indicates how many new (unread) announcements, tips, and tricks you can find in your Resource Center.

The number next to the title, Knowledge Base - The question mark next to the Resource Title shows you your notifications, shows how many new notifications you have in that section of your Resource Center.