Estimate Settings

How to Create or Edit Estimate Layouts (New Sales Experience)

 Discover the step-by-step process of creating and editing layouts for estimates within the new sales experience

To access Estimate settings in JobNimbus, you can do so from two locations:

  • Navigate to Financials within any Contact or Job record, then click on the Settings icon.

    Job #1089 953 S Vine St JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 9.26.14 PM
  •  If you have settings access in your Access Profile, simply select Estimate Settings from the Settings menu.

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  • Once here, you can:

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    • Set a new Layout as your default by choosing the "Make default" option. A highlighted "Default" label will indicate which Layout is currently set as the default for your company. 
    • To make changes to an existing Layout, simply click on the pencil icon.
    • To begin a new Layout, you have two options:
      • you can start by duplicating one of your preferred Layouts and making adjustments from there.
      • Or you can start from scratch by selecting the "+ Estimate Layout" button located in the upper right corner.
  • To get started, you will first need to give your Layout a unique name before moving forward.

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JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 5.46.16 PM
  • Just like when creating an Estimate, here you have the opportunity to customize the appearance and style of your final estimate presentation to your customers. The information you include in the Layout will automatically populate when you choose it for creating an estimate, ultimately saving you time down the line.
  • To customize the Layout:
    • Toggle pages off and on for ease of users deciding which pages will be needed in the final estimate.
    • Pages can be eliminated by simply dragging them to the excluded pages window. This will prevent the page from displaying when the Layout is selected.
    • You can rearrange pages by simply dragging and dropping them into the preferred order for how you want them to be displayed.
    • You have the option to add more custom pages to the Layout to enhance its unique appearance and style. 

  • Title Page

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    1. Estimate Name - This information will appear on the front page of the final estimate.
    2. Date - The date field will automatically populate with the date of creation.
    3. Images - The main image is usually replaced with a project photo when creating the estimate. Some users like to include a secondary photo that highlight partnerships or key aspects of the business to make your company more distinctive.
    4. Contact Details - You can choose to leave these details blank, as they will be automatically filled in from the information in your JobNimbus Contact/Job records.
  • Introduction

    Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 6.09.10 PM

    • The introduction page serves as an opportunity to provide a high-level overview of the upcoming work or can be utilized as an "about us" page featuring customer testimonials.
    • The document builder offers customization options and text tokens. To incorporate text tokens, simply position your cursor where you want the token and choose from the dropdown menu. These tokens will automatically fill in details from your Team members and your Contact/Job stored in JobNimbus.
  • Inspection

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    1. Section Details - When preparing to create your estimate, you have the option to include specific details in your sections, such as section titles.
    2. Style - You have the option to adjust the photo style to showcase up to four photos on a single page, along with the designated area for displaying descriptions.
    3. Add Section - If needed you have the option to include more sections based on the type of work you are designing the Layout for.
  • Quote Details 

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    1. Page Settings - This allows you to customize the options available to the customer. You can decide if they can select a single quote in a good/better/best estimate scenario, or if they can choose multiple quotes for different trades. Additionally, you have the flexibility to control what information is displayed on the estimate, including pricing, quantities, and section totals.
    2. Quote Details - Creating the quote details can be a time-intensive task, but a carefully planned Layout can significantly save you time in the long run. Up to three quote tabs can be added. For subsequent estimates, you have the option to include all items from a previous quote, saving you time and avoiding the need for duplicate entries. 
    3. Line Items - Adding quote line items to your Layout can save time. Linked items pull details from your price list, while unlinked items only show in this template/Layout. Pricing remains fixed for unlinked items.
    4. Add Section - You have the flexibility to include more sections in your Layout and easily rearrange them on the page as required. When you drag and drop a section or delete it, all the line items within that section will be affected accordingly.
    5. Notes - You have the option to include any relevant notes related to the quote in this section.
    6. Totals - As you make changes to the pricing and quantities in the quote details, the total cost of the estimate will automatically update to accurately reflect the information from the line items.
  • Authorization Page

    JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 8.27.52 PM

    1. Page Settings - Here, you have the option to choose whether to display the unit price and quantity to the customer for any additional upgrades added later on the page.
    2. Disclaimer - This section can be utilized to include any terms or instructions related to the estimate that the customer or insurer may need to review
    3. Items - Add upgrades or items to expand the job scope. Choose from linked items in your price list or manually create fixed priced items.

      JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 6.54.35 PM
    4. Product Selections - During a customer appointment, specific job details such as their preferred shingle color or insurance information can be discussed and included on this page.
    5. Deposit - Some jobs may require a down payment or deposit in order for work to begin. The terms of the requested deposit can be detailed in this section.
    6. Signers - Up to four signers can be added when the estimate is being created, no updates are needed while creating the Layout as these details will be added when you are with your customer.  
    7. Footer Notes - This section can be used if additional details need to be conveyed to your customer when they sign the estimate.  
  • Terms and Conditions

    JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 8.50.20 PM

    • To update Terms and Conditions, you must do so within a Layout.
    • You can choose to make a page mandatory for customer acknowledgment during the signing process by toggling the option on.. 
    • Terms and Conditions can be typed into the document builder or uploaded as PDFs from your device.
  • Warranty

    JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 8.56.09 PM

    1. Warranty details - Just like with Terms and Conditions, editing a Warranty can only be done within a Layout. If you want to include a warranty for your work, this is where you can detail the terms of the warranty. You can use font editing and text tokens to easily incorporate details from your Contact/Job directly into the warranty information. 
    2. Thank you note -  You can also include a personalized thank you note to show appreciation for your customer's business on the warranty page. Utilize font editing and text tokens to make the thank you note more personal
    3. Signature - Include a professional signature on the warranty page by uploading an image of the signature along with the name and title of the warranty issuer for a polished finish.
  • Add Custom Pages

    JobNimbus 2024-03-22 at 9.05.45 PM

    1.  Title - When organizing your custom pages, it's helpful to give each one a distinct name for easy reference and tracking.
    2. Customer acknowledgement - Custom pages can be designated as mandatory for customer acknowledgment during the signing process, prompting the customer to acknowledge the page when signing.
    3. Page Type -
      1. Sales PDFs - If you have previously uploaded PDFs to your account, you can conveniently choose files from your stored library of company documents.
      2. Single use PDF - You can easily add these files by dragging and dropping them from documents stored on your device.
        1. Create impressive pages through Canva for free using this video tutorial and our prebuilt document templates! 
      3. Text Page - Utilize the document builder to craft a personalized document that can be saved for this Layout's use and also stored for future projects.