What happens when I enable Location-based products?

⚠️ Before you enable this feature, please read this section to ensure it is one that you need as you cannot disable the feature after enabling it. ⚠️

If you have questions, please contact support@jobnimbus.com

To enable Location-Based Products, go to your Settings > Features tab

Location - Feature Enable

In the Features tab, scroll down to the bottom of the "JobNimbus Features" section and toggle the switch next to Location-Based Products.

⚠️This feature cannot be disabled once it is enabled⚠️

Location - Location Based Product Enable

Using Location-Based Products

Once this feature is enabled, open the Products and Services tab from the menu on the left. When editing or creating a new product, there will be a new option to choose a "location" for that product. Products now must be assigned to a specific location and cannot be used for any financial document under a record that is outside of that location. 

Location - Product Location

If you wish to have the same product for two different locations, you will need to create two separate products for each location.