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What Happens When I Enable Location-Based Products?

This feature allows you to separate your inventory for different company locations.

⚠️Important: this feature cannot be disabled once it is enabled⚠️

Please be sure to read this article to ensure it is a feature that you need. Contact with any questions

To enable Location-Based Products: 

  • Navigate to your Settings
  • Click on the Features tab
  • Toggle the switch next to "Location-Based Products" at the bottom of the "JobNimbus Features" section.

Location - Location Based Product Enable

After enabling the feature, when editing or creating a new product, there will be an option to assign a "location" to that item.

Products cannot be used for any financial document under a record that is outside of their associated location. 

Location - Product Location

 If you wish to have the same product for two different locations, you will need to create two separate products for each location. To simplify this process, "duplicate" a product and update its location.


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