Can I Sign Estimates From My Mobile Device? (iOS)

JobNimbus makes it simple for your clients to approve Estimates from the Mobile App.

Reference this article to learn how to navigate your Estimates on the go.

To Send a Signature Request

  1. Navigate to the Estimate in question and click on the Signatures block.


  2. Select the intended recipient(s) from the available options.
    1. You can choose between the Primary Contact, Related Contacts (including Subcontractors), and assigned Team Members.
  3. Click Next to move forward.

    IMG_6EA9A02ED09B-1-jpeg copy

  4. You will then be prompted to confirm your decision to request the signature(s). 
    1. Note: Estimates cannot be edited once a request is sent.
  5. Click "Proceed" to email the request to the chosen recipient(s).

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Details on how a digital signature request is completed can be found in this article.

To Sign an Estimate From the Mobile App

  1. Select the "Signatures" block on the Estimate overview.
  2. Click Sign now.

  3. The app will prompt you to pass the device to the intended signer so they can confirm their identity.

    IMG_2609-jpg copy

  4. Once the blue button is clicked, the document will appear for review.
  5. Click Sign now to move forward.

    IMG_2610-jpg copy

  6. Your screen will auto-rotate to landscape mode and reveal an area in which the party can sign using a finger or stylus.

  7. Click "Agree & sign" to finish.

Once the Estimate has been successfully signed by all parties involved, the "Signature" block will update to say Fully signed

If the Estimate gets signed by some, but not all, of the recipients, the status will reflect the number of signatures still pending out of the total number of signatures requested.

When all requested signatures have been completed, the signed document will be emailed to each of the recipients.