Can I sign Estimates right on my Mobile Device? (iOS)

JobNimbus makes it simple for you to have your clients sign Estimates from the Mobile App.

To request signatures from your mobile device:

  1. Open the Estimate on the Mobile App and click on the Signatures block.

    Knowledge Base - Estimate - How to request signatures on Mobile
  2. Choose who will sign the Estimate. You can choose between the main Contact, related Contacts, and assigned team members.

    Knowledge Base - Estimates - Choosing your required signers on mobile device
  3. After you click "Next", you will be prompted to confirm the chosen signers. An email will then be sent to the requested signees.

If you want to sign the Estimate using your mobile device:

  1. Select the blue Sign Now.

    Knowledge Base - Estimates - How to sign now on your mobile device

  2. The app will prompt you to pass the device to your client so they can confirm their identity.
  3. Your client will be able to review the document and click Sign now.
  4. They can then use their finger to sign and complete it by selecting Agree & Sign.

    Knowledge Base - Estimates - Signing on the mobile app

If all requested signees have signed, an email will be sent out to everyone with the completed document attached.