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Reports: Lead Source Report

Make the most of your marketing activities with the JobNimbus Lead Source report. Know which marketing channels are performing best, which lead sources provide the best leads, and decide where to spend your precious marketing dollars to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The lead source report pulls data from the contacts based on the Stage drop-down in the contact workflows that are set to "Lead" and the associated "Lead Source" which can be updated from the lead source section of the settings.
The report breaks down leads by the lead type per sales person in a given period of time. The "current status" checkbox tells the report to use data as it appears in the system currently, or statuses for the entire period of the report. It isn't customizable because it is a "built in report".

Location: Reports --> Built in Reports ---> Lead Source

You can also see lead sources in a contact report:

2) create a contact report : Reports ---> Gear Icon ---> Create Contact Report --->Remove Column (irrelevant information) ---> Add Column (relevant information like email, names), add a filter for date status change, this will select a time period ---> Create a new name for your report to save the information in the name field ----> Save (create a new name for it)

This report you can also add the Stage status "Sold" and it will tell all the leads that went into sold status for the date range.