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What information is found under the Email tab of my Account Settings?

Know about some of the key components in communicating via email within JobNimbus.

Under the Email tab in your settings, you'll see the following page:

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  • Your JobNimbus Email is unique to your company's account. The domain is predetermined to track communications in the system and cannot be changed.
    • Create the local part of the address, which your customers will see. Typically this is made up of the company name, but you can decide what makes the most sense.
  • The Email Forward Address is usually an admin or owner of the account, where important system notifications are sent. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Bounce/Rejection notifications - if an outbound email cannot be delivered to the intended recipient, depending on who the original sender was, the forwarding address on file may receive notice.
    • Reply notifications - when a customer responds to an email that was sent from JobNimbus, depending on who the original sender was, the forwarding address may be notified.
    • "Disabled Automation" notifications - if an automation is creating what's called an "infinite loop", the system will flag and disable it to prevent unnecessary actions from being triggered, and an email will be sent to the forwarding address indicating such. 
  • Show incoming email attachments in the Documents or Photos tab? - when this box is checked, attachments in the email will automatically save to the Documents or Photos tab, depending on the attachment's file type

To link emails from your personal inbox with Contact records in JobNimbus, refer to the instructions provided here.