What Is an Automation?

JobNimbus Automations work like your digital personal assistant.

The feature uses simple "When/If/Then" logic to give JobNimbus instructions to look out for specific events in your account and do an action when that event happens.

We can see these 3 different sections when creating an Automation Rule:

Automations - Statements of an Automation

  1. When the Triggering Record is Created, Modified, or Deleted.
    1. For example: "When a Contact is Created"

  2. If the Triggering Record meets specific conditions.
    1. For example: "If the Contact's Type is  Residential Retail"

  3. Then fire the action. 
    1. For example: "Then create a Task for the Sales Rep to call the Contact"

You can use Automations to create rules to move Contacts or Jobs through Statuses, create Tasks, and even send out emails using your templates.

    Learn about the differences between Time-Based and Event-Based Automations