Can I order an EagleView Report through the JobNimbus Mobile App? (iOS)

Ordering your EagleView Reports through the JobNimbus Mobile App is easy and efficient.

To order an EagleView Report from the JobNimbus mobile app:

  1. Navigate to the Contact or Job
  2. Click on the blue "+"
  3. Select "EagleView Report"

Knowledge Base - EagleView - How to Order EagleView Report on Mobile     Knowledge Base - EagleView - Select EagleView Report on Mobile Action Menu

If an address exists in JobNimbus for the Contact or Job, you will be taken to the EagleView Order window. If an address does not exist, you can confirm the address from the map.

Knowledge Base - EagleView - How to choose an address on Mobile

From the EagleView Order window, you can:

Knowledge Base - EagleView - EagleView Order

  1. Verify the client's address
  2. Select the Report Type you'd like to order
  3. Choose your desired Delivery method
  4. Update the Number of structures and mark whether it has changed in the last 4 years
  5. Add a Claim number and information
  6. When you are done, click "Next"

After you review your order, select "Order Report".

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