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If you have any questions about your JobNimbus account feel free to contact JobNimbus Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at support@jobnimbus.com. If you are in your JobNimbus account online, you can also chat with us by clicking on the chat button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

If you could also provide an example of the issue and steps to replicate that includes screenshots, that will help us expedite your request.

If you are experiencing technical issues, please try the troubleshooting steps below. If the steps below don't work, call JobNimbus Support to further help you.

If you are wanting to learn how to use a specific aspect of JobNimbus, please visit our Knowledge Base.

When contacting JobNimbus, please provide your name, JobNimbus login, and phone number.

Try this before contacting JobNimbus

Web App Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues with JobNimbus's website, please try using JobNimbus in an incognito mode. If JobNimbus works in incognito, the problem is device related and can be fixed with the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Refresh the browser.
  2. Close and reopen the browser.
  3. Check for browser updates.
  4. Log out of and into JobNimbus.
  5. Clear cache (site cookies and hosted app data). You can do this by opening your history and clicking on "Clearing Browser History".
  6. Test in a different browser. (If you are not already using Chrome, we recommend using that browser. You can also use Firefox if Chrome isn't working.)
  7. Restart your computer.

Mobile App Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues with JobNimbus's Mobile App, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. First, check for updates.
    1. Check for JobNimbus Mobile App updates in either your Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
    2. Check for iOS/Android updates for the mobile device.
  2. Second, check your Mobile App.
    1. Log out/log in.
    2. Manually close and reopen the app (iOS double click home, swipe up. Android steps vary).
    3. Restart the device.
    4. Uninstall and reinstall the app.


  • When I click on my name in the top right corner, why can't I see Subscription in the menu?

In order to view Subscriptions, you will need to have Subscription Access in the Access Profiles settings. To learn more about Access Profiles and how to change them, visit our article on Settings.

  • Some of my Team Members are receiving the emailed billing receipt from JobNimbus and I don't want them to.

All Team Members with Subscription Access in the Access Profile settings will receive the emailed billing receipt. If you don't want your Team Members to receive the email, make sure that they do not have Subscription Access. To learn more about Access Profiles and how to change them, visit our article on Settings.

To learn more about your Subscription, click here.


  • My Company logo is fuzzy. Why does it look so bad on JobNimbus Estimates and Invoices?

In order for your logo to look its best, we recommend you use a higher resolution and size. As long as your logo is a rectangle and matches the 150 x 40 pixel ratio, your logo will fit nicely in the Estimate and Invoice Templates.

  • I sent the invite, but my Team Member didn't receive it.

When you hire a new Team Member, first make sure their email is set up and ready to receive emails. Otherwise, their email address will bounce and they will not receive it. Also, make sure you enter their email address correctly.

  • I used to be able to add Team Members, but I can no longer add them. Why can I not add more team members?

Check your Access Profile Settings. If you have reached your maximum number of available Team Members, or your maximum number of available seats, you will no longer be able to add Team Members unless you have Account Subscription Access.

  • I am a full access user, but I am not seeing some contacts/jobs on the mobile app.

Check your workflows to see when you start archiving your jobs and contacts. Archived jobs and contacts will not be visible on the mobile app, even to full access users.

  • I am a limited access user, but I can see work orders/jobs/contacts that I’m not assigned to.

Have your admin check your workflows. If any of them are set to “Everyone,” you will be able to see the contacts/jobs/work orders in that workflow regardless of other settings.

To learn more about your Settings, click here.


  • I am trying to move a contact from one status to another, but I can't.

Check to make sure the status you are trying to change the contact to is not in another Workflow type. You are unable to move contacts from one Workflow to another. If you find you are having trouble moving statuses through a Board, make sure the statuses in the Board are all in the same Workflow type.

  • I made sure the Workflow types are the same, but I still can't move a contact to another status.

Check your workflow. If you have Advanced Workflows enabled, make sure that you have access to update the status. When in the Edit Workflow window, check the "Access Profiles" column next to the Status to make sure you have the permissions to update the contact to the specific status.

Edit Workflow Status Access Profile

To learn more about your Workflows, click here.



  • I used to have a specific Board, but it is no longer available. Where did it go?

Check to see if someone on your Team has access to the Board. More often than not, the Board's "Available to" settings have accidentally been changed to "Just Me" making it only available to that specific Team Member.

  • I cannot move a contact or job from one list in my board to the next. Why?

Check your Board's settings to make sure that the status of the workflow for your record is available where you're trying to move it. Also know that you are unable to move a record from one workflow type to another.

To learn more about your Boards, click here.


  • I imported my contacts, but it created a lot of duplicates. How do I get rid of the duplicates?

If you have accidentally created duplicates. Follow our article on Merging Contacts.

  • I went through the process of importing contacts, but nothing happened.

Make sure to click on the button labeled "Import Contacts Now" to start the upload.

  • Why can I not add a related contact by typing the email address in the related contacts field?
Odds are, the contact you are trying to relate the Contact to doesn't have the email address in their information. Update the contact's information and try again.

To learn more about your Contacts, click here, or click here to learn more about Importing Contacts.


  • I have created a Budget, but the gross margin is showing 0. Why am I not seeing any gross margin?

When creating your Budget, make sure you add a Price, whether by using an existing estimate or entering the price in manually. Also, be sure to add your line items with the appropriate percentage or mark up amount.

  • Why can't I delete an estimate or invoice?

Verify your access profile has the correct permissions to allow you to delete financial documents. If the financial document has been signed, it cannot be deleted as it is considered legally binding.

  • Why do I see another contact’s records in the financial section?

Check to see if you have the "Related" box checked in the appropriate financial document panel. The "Related" checkbox can be found to the right of the Search feature.

To learn more about your Financial Documents, click here.


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