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Have you ever needed to create a form or a document to send to your contacts? JobNimbus has got you covered. You can use the Document Templates feature to set up your contracts and documents. These contracts and documents can then be added to your Contacts and Jobs and emailed to them. You can also customize how your financial document templates look, such as your Estimates, Invoices, and Credit Memos. To learn about customizing your financial document templates, read in our article here.

Here, we will talk about how to create and use templates. We will also talk about how to get the most out of your templates.

Before we Get Started

If you have any documents in digital form, you can use them to help you build your document templates by copying the text in your document and pasting it into JobNimbus' document template builder. You can either make sure you have all of your digital documents in one place, or make digital copies of your documents by using a word processor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.


Creating a Template

You can create Document Templates in your Templates tab in your Settings. To access your Template tab, click on your name in the top right corner and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. In your Settings select "Templates" from the menu on the left.

Communication - Settings Templates

In your templates tab, click on the "Add Template" button and select "Create Document Template" from the drop-down menu.

Document Template - Document

This will bring up the Document Template Builder.

Document Template - Document Builder

In the template builder, you can:

    1. Name your template.
    2. Add a subject line for your Template. This subject line will be added to your document when sending them to Contacts or Jobs.
    3. Use the text box to enter your document content.
    4. Create hyperlinks for your document.
    5. Add images to your document.
    6. Insert template fields. To learn more about template fields, use the section below.
    7. Save your template and add it to your Templates section.

    Template Fields

    Template fields are the powerhouse of your document templates. You can use the template fields to customize information in your documents.

    When you click on Template Fields, you will be presented with several options. These options will allow you to pull information from your Contact or Job fields. Some of the groups are detailed below:

    Document Template Template Fields
    • Built-in Section. Options in this group will allow you to add in options such as signatures, estimates, and information such as document or photo attachments or related Contacts.
    • Jobs. There are several groups for Jobs. These options will allow you to pull information from your Jobs such as Job details, custom Job fields, information from your workflows, and even information from the primary contact for your job. If you are building a document that will be sent to a Job, but you need to include Contact information, use the Job.Primary Contact options.
    • Contacts. There are several groups for Contacts. These options will allow you to pull information from your Contacts such as Contact details, custom Contact fields, and information from your workflows.
    • Tasks. Include details from your tasks.
    • Template Questions. These groups start with "Form:" and then include the name of your template list.
    • Activity. Include JobNimbus activity.
    • HTML Element. Include Checkboxes or tables.

    You can include several of these fields in your template, and place them wherever you need them.

    When you have finished creating your document, click on the "Add Template" button at the bottom of the template builder.

    Editing the Template

    If you need to edit the template after saving the document, click on the "Edit" button to the right of the document.

    Document Template - Edit Template

    You can duplicate existing templates by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the template title and select Duplicate.

    Templates - Duplicate

    Adding a Template

    After you have created a template, you can add that template to a Contact or Job. To add the document to a Contact or Job, navigate to the Contact or Job. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the information panel and then select "Create Document" from the drop-down menu.

    Document Template - Contact Create Document

    This will pull up the Add Document window.

    Document Choose Template

    Use the Design Template drop-down to choose a template from the templates you have created. After you have selected a template and clicked the "Create Document", the document will appear in the Activity tab in the Documents panel above the Activities panel.

    Document Template - Contact Documents Pane

    If you need to edit your document after creating it, click on the 3 dots to the right of the document and select "Edit" from the drop-down menu.

    The other options you have in the drop-down menu are to:

    • View the document in either PDF view or in JobNimbus.
    • Download the document.
    • Add a signature to the document.
    • Email the document, which will automatically change the invoice's status to Sent.
    • Change the status of the document to Draft, Sent, Signed, or Cancelled.
    • Delete the document.

    Template Tips

    Here are some tips to help you with creating your template.

    Adding a Signature

    After using the template to create a document, request a signature from a client by clicking on the button labeled “Add Signature”.

    Document Templates - Signature

    This will pull up a window for you to choose who will sign the document. You can choose from among the primary contact, related contacts, the sales rep and other team members.

    Financials - Signatures - Choose Signees

    After you have chosen who will sign the document, click Next. This will bring up another window prompting you to send the request to sign the document. The window also warns you that once you request signatures, the document will be locked and you will not be able to edit it any further.

    Clicking on “Send Request”, signature fields for each requested signee will be added to the document and JobNimbus will send an email to all signature requestees. The signature fields start with the primary contact on the very left, followed by every other requested signature in alphabetical order.

    Everyone with a signature field will have the opportunity to sign the document. Each person will be able to open the document and review it. At the top of the deocument, click on the blue “Sign” button to add a signature.

    Financials - Signatures - Sign

    A message will pop up, allowing you to sign it. If you are a team member signing the document, you can click on the button to sign it. If a client is signing the document, they will see their name and be prompted to type their name in exactly as it is written.

    Signing the document gives a unique identifier to the signature field along with a stamp for when the signee signed the document. The document will also show the pagination.

    When the document is signed by one signee, but not all, a banner at the top will explain that it will be available for download once all party members have signed. Once all signees have signed, everyone will receive an email letting them know that the document is ready for download.

    The link to add a signature to the estimate is only valid for 48 hours.

    Adding an Estimate

    If you would like to add an estimate to your document, click on "Add Template Field", navigate to "Built in Sections" and then choose "Estimates".

    Document Template - Builder Estimates Field

    This will add a field to your document that will include your estimate in the document after you add it to your Contact or Job. To add the document to a Contact or Job, navigate to the Contact or Job, which will pull up the Add Document window. After you choose your template, an option will appear to choose an estimate to add to your document.

    Document Template Choose Estimate

    This will add the estimate to your document. 

    Creating Tables

    If you need to format your content into a table format, you can use the table function. Click on the table button in the top right of the toolbar.

    Document Table

    Using the squares provided, you can hover over the squares to choose how many rows and columns you want in the table. You can also choose Table Wizard to further customize your table.

    Document Table Wizard3In the Table Wizard you can:

    1. Update the width of the table. This is the total, fixed width of the table. After you create the table, you can adjust the width of each column, but this total width will not change. We recommend you create a width of no more 700 px. There is a chance that if this table is wider than 700 px, your document will be landscape instead of portrait.
    2. Update the height of the table. Much like the width, this height is also fixed. You can adjust the height of each row, but the height will not change.
    3. Specify the number of columns that will appear in your table.
    4. Specify the number of rows that will appear in your table.

    If you have HTML experience, the rest of the options in the Table Wizard are useful to further customize your table. You can customize the cell spacing and padding. You can also customize the border width, style, and color. You can use the other tabs in the wizard to customize the cells in your table much like you can the table.

    Updating the HTML

    If you ever need to update the HTML of your document, click on the "</>" button in the toolbar panel at the top of the template builder.

    Document Template Toolbar Panel

    This will pull up a window containing the HTML and inline CSS coding of your document. If you have HTML experience, you can use this to further customize the look and content of your document.

    Do's and Don'ts


    • Use template fields to personalize them for your Contacts and Jobs
    • Check the PDF view of your document to make sure you're satisfied with it
    • Feel free to copy and paste in language from your existing documents


    • Change HTML unnecessarily
    • Create a template for single-use documents


    • Is there a way to add a way for two different people to sign the same document using the built-in signature feature?
    As there is no way to add two signatures to a signature field, create separate contacts and relate them to each other, then send the document to each contact. If you would like to learn more about relating contacts, read our article on Contacts.
    • I've updated the HTML for my template field, why isn't my template field not working now?
    This usually happens because the HTML has been added within the brackets for the template order. An example of this is {{<span style="color:#000033;"><strong>LocationName</strong></span>}}. Remember, the brackets should only be around the template field name like such, <span style="color:#000033;"><strong>{{LocationName}}</strong></span>.
    • Who is notified when a document has been digitally signed?

    Once a document has been fully signed by all parties involved, an email will be sent to those "required signers" letting them know the document is available for download. There is not currently a way to have anyone else notified of a digitally signed document. 

    • Can I use Script code in Templates?
    Currently, we only allow base HTML coding in our Templates. If you need access to be able to run script the best option would be to have a landing page where the form is hosted and use 3rd party integrations like Zapier to create a zap to trigger an action in JobNimbus. To learn more about the Zapier integration, read our article on Zapier.


    Contact Us

    Still have a few questions about setting up your document templates? Contact Support at (855) 964-6287 or via email at support@jobnimbus.com.

    Have a great idea to help us improve our templates? Recommend features and vote for requests at JobNimbus Feedback!