Template Questions

How Do I Add Template Questions to My Templates?

Including Template Questions on your Document Templates allows you to add customizable information to your documents.

To add a Template Question to a Document Template:

  • Click on your profile icon or initials in the top right corner
  • Choose Settings from the drop-down menu
  • Within the Settings menu, open the Templates tab
  • Add a new Document Template or edit an existing one
  • Select the "Insert Template Field" drop-down menu

Scroll down to locate the title of your Template Question List. The option will begin with "Form:", followed by the name of your list.

Template Questions Template Field

Your questions will appear in a submenu under your Template Questions List title. Choose a question from the options and a form field will be plugged into your template.

Wherever you insert the Template Question field, the answer you enter when creating the document will appear in that spot on your Document Template.