How Do I Upgrade My EagleView Report to Premium From the Web App?

Easily upgrade an existing Bid Perfect (formerly QuickSquares) Report to a Premium Report from your JobNimbus account.

The instructions outlined in this article pertain to the JobNimbus Web App.
For Mobile App steps, check out our articles for upgrading on either an Apple or Android device (coming soon).

Within the associated Contact or Job's Documents tab, select the Upgrade Report button found next to the existing QuickSquares/Bid Perfect Report.

Configure the delivery method and number of structures as needed, then click on the "Upgrade report" button to proceed.

Note: The Report "type" will automatically align with the type of Bid Perfect Report being upgraded and cannot be adjusted.

A confirmation will appear, letting you know when the report can be expected (depending on your method selection in the previous step).

Alternatively, you can upgrade a Bid Perfect report through the 3-dot action menu in the top right corner of the Contact or Job's information pane. 

Select Order EagleView from the dropdown options.

The system will pull the existing Report that you can upgrade by selecting Next, or you can choose to order a new report from this pop-up.

You will then be directed to configure the order as outlined in the steps above.


  • What is the cost of upgrading a QuickSquares/Bid Perfect Report to a Premium Report?
    • A Bid Perfect Report costs $18.00 to order. Premium Report costs vary depending on a number of factors. However, the price to upgrade from Bid Perfect to Premium will always include the $18.00 you already paid for the initial QS Report. 
      • (cost of Premium - cost of Bid Perfect ($18.00) = total billed for the upgrade)
  • Is there any downside to first ordering a QuickSquares/Bid Perfect Report and then upgrading it to a Premium, as opposed to ordering a Premium report right off the bat?
    • Absolutely not! Since the cost of a Bid Perfect Report is essentially reimbursed when upgraded to Premium, you can ultimately save a little money if you're not sure you need a Premium Report initially.


"QuickSquares" is now "Bid Perfect". For more details, see EagleView's Newsletter.