New User Onboarding & Training

Using JobNimbus's Mobile App

The mobile app will help you be efficient and professional. You can do your work on the go.

Today’s the day I go out to Gary’s house. I’m not going to take my bulky laptop out there, instead I can just use the small computer I already carry with me everywhere, my phone! JobNimbus has an amazing mobile app that will help you manage your projects while out in the field. It has everything you need right at your fingertips. If you don’t have the mobile app downloaded yet, go to your device’s app store and download it.

Just like before, pull up the mobile app and follow along.

Android-Logo-2008 240px-Apple-logo
If you are using an Android device, look up the JobNimbus app on Google Play or use this QR code. If you are using an Apple device, look up the JobNimbus app on the App Store or use this QR code.





Using the mobile app

Today's Schedule shows what tasks you have coming up today. Select View schedule to pull up your mobile calendar.

5 View calendar on mobile app

My Tasks shows your top upcoming tasks. Select View all to see all of your assigned tasks.

5 View tasks on mobile app
Select Search to pull up your mobile map and search your contacts or jobs.

5 View map on mobile app

Taking photos on the mobile app

Click the camera icon to pull up the mobile app camera.

5 Click camera icon

After taking photos, annotate your photo by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner.

5 Annotate pencil icon

Use the tools at the bottom of the page to annotate your photo.

5 Anntation tools

Access your photos by clicking on Photos in the quick tabs menu on your job or contact.

5 Photos tab

Signing documents from the mobile app


To create a document, click the + on select Document.

5 Create document add button

To have a client sign a document, click on Sign now and follow the prompts.

5 Sign document


Let's talk about how to manage your documents and photos from your JobNimbus account.

Documents and Photos