What Can I see on the Completed Jobs Dashboard?

See all completed Jobs and the dollar amount of the Closed Invoices by Sales Rep, Job type, and Lead Sources.

Completed Jobs

The records that display in the Completed Dashboard are Jobs that have reached a Status in the Completed Stage.

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Filter Data

  • Slice and dice the reporting information by applying filters
    • Completed Date
    • Contact/Job Type
    • Lead Source
    • Sales Rep
    • Stage



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  1. Completed Jobs by Job Type (graph): Quickly view the month over month Closed Invoice data by Job Type
  2. Completed Joby by Sales Rep (graph): Understand which Sales Reps are at the forefront of closing the highest revenue deals.
  3. Completed Jobs by Lead Source (graph): Easily identify which Lead Sources are bringing in the most revenue. 
  4. Completed Job by Sales Rep: See how your Sales Reps are performing side by side with a break down of their average revenue for completed jobs. 
  5. Completed Jobs by Lead Source: Get an overlook at the success rate of your Lead Sources complete with the average revenue for completed job per Lead Source. 
  6. Completed Jobs by Job Type: Compare your Job Types to gain an understanding of the average job within each type and the overall incoming revenue
  7. Raw Data: In this chart you will get a detailed report of all Completed Jobs including the entire journey of each Job from the initial Lead Stage to its eventual Complete Stage