Can I send a text message using Zapier?

You can send text messages using Zapier's integration with TextMagic.

TextMagic is a paid service offering you the ability to send text messages to your customers via Zapier automatically. You will need to first set up a TextMagic account if you have not already done so.

If you are unfamiliar with Zapier and its services or how to enable it in JobNimbus, please see the below:

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with TextMagic's service offerings, please see their website:

Obtaining an API key from TextMagic:

  1. Log in to your TextMagic account
  2. Within the menu on the lefthand side, select the Services dropdown and open the API tab
  3. Click on the green Add new API key (found under the "API v2 Keys" tab)

    TM acct generate API key for zapier
  4. Name the app "Zapier" and click Generate new key

    TM acct generate key app name
  5. Copy the newly generated key once you are redirected back to the API tab overview


Connecting Your TextMagic Account to Zapier:

  1. Log in to a Zapier account that has already been connected to JobNimbus
  2. Proceed to the My Apps tab of the lefthand menu
  3. Select Add connection

    Zapier my apps add connection
  4. Here, search for TextMagic and click on the result that populates

    add new app search textmagic
  5. Paste the API key that you created in TextMagic and input your TextMagic account username or email address. Click Yes, Continue.
    Zapier paste TM API key authorize

Sample Zap: Sending a "welcome" text to a contact:

  1. In your Zapier account, click on the Create Zap button.

  2. Search for and select JobNimbus.

    choose app event JN

  3. Once here, select Contact Created, Modified or Deleted as the Trigger Event, and then click Continue.

    kbase v2 JN as trigger Zapier UI update

  4. Select the desired JobNimbus account and then click Continue.

  5. Choose the Created filter and then select Continue.

    setup trigger

  6. Test the trigger. Once it is successful, select Continue.
  7. On the Action step, search for and select TextMagic

    add action search TM

  8. Once here, select Send Message from the "Action Event" dropdown menu, and then click Continue.

    TM action send message

  9. Select the desired TextMagic account and then click Continue

    TM choose account action

  10. When drafting up your message, you can use a combination of plain text and generated fields from JobNimbus to set up your text message template by filling out the "Text" field.

    TM zapier text draft

  11. Within the Phones field, select "1. Mobile Phone" from the dropdown menu to pull the mobile phone number of the triggering Contact from JobNimbus. You can also manually input the number in the format that Zapier specifies.

    phones fields sending text
  12. Optionally, fill out any remaining fields and then, select Continue.
  13. Click Test and Continue to move forward
  14. Select Turn on Zap whenever you're ready

Congratulations! Now, whenever a new Contact is created in JobNimbus, depending on the conditions you set up in the above steps, a text message will send out to the recipient(s) of your choice.

textmagic success