Sending Texts to your JobNimbus Customers Through TextMagic via Zapier

TextMagic is a paid-service offering you the ability to send text messages to your customers via Zapier automatically. To test this Zap, you will need to connect your Zapier and JobNimbus accounts if you have not already done so.

If you are unfamiliar with Zapier and its services or how to connect them to JobNimbus, please see the below:

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with TextMagic's service offerings, please see their website:

Connecting YourTextMagic Account to Zapier:

  1. Using a Zapier already connected to your JobNimbus account, proceed to the dashboard of Zapier.
  2. Select Connected Accounts
  3. Within the search, input TextMagic.
  4. Select the entry.
  5. Input your TextMagic username or Email address.
  6. Select the hyperlink for APIv2 Keys and a new window will appear within TextMagic's API section.
  7. Within the API v2 Keys tab, select Add new API key.
  8. Input the App Name as Zapier and select Generate New Key.
  9. Copy the API key to the right of the app named "Zapier."
  10. Return to the previous Zapier window, where you entered your username for TextMagic.
  11. Paste your API Key into the API Key field.
  12. Select Yes, Continue.
  13. Your TextMagic Account is now connected to Zapier.

    Sample Zap: Sending a welcome text message to a contact:

  1. Having your JobNimbus and TextMagic accounts connected to Zapier, open Zapier.
  2. Select Make a Zap!
  3. From the "Choose App" screen, select JobNimbus.
  4. From the "Choose Trigger" screen, select Contact Created, Modified or Deleted. Select Save + Continue.
  5. Select the desired JobNimbus account and select Save + Continue.
  6. From the Edit Options screen select the filter as "Created" or "Created or Modified" and select Continue.
  7. Test the step by selecting Fetch and Continue. Once the test has been completed, select Continue.
  8. From the "Choose App" screen, select TextMagic.
  9. From the "Choose Action" screen, select Send Message, and select Save + Continue.
  10. Select the desired TextMagic account, and select Save + Continue.
  11. From the "Edit Template" screen use a combination of plain text and generated fields from JobNimbus to set up your text message template by filling out the "Text" field.
  12. Within the Phones field, input the number one (1) followed by no spaces and the JobNimbus field for "Mobile Phone". For example: 1(Step1:MobilePhone).
  13. Optionally, fill out any remaining fields and then, select Continue.
  14. Test the feature by selecting Send Test to TextMagic.
  15. Select Finish.
  16. Name the Zap and turn it on if you're ready for it to be live.