WePay Support

For any WePay questions you may have or concerns, you can receive support through JobNimbus at support@jobnimbus.com. WePay does not offer phone support, only email support through support@wepay.com and has directed any JobNimbus WePay support through us.

Transaction Fees

Credit Card

3.4% + $0.30 with a maximum of 20% of the amount due (excluding the transaction fee)


1 - If the charge is $100 then the transaction fee would be $3.70 so the total would be $103.70 to the customer if the cost of the transaction fee is passed along to the customer or it would be $100 if the cost is absorbed by the JobNimbus customer instead of being passed along.  In that case, the JobNimbus customer would just have $96.30 deposited into their account instead of the $100 that would be deposited if the transaction cost was passed on to the customer.

2 - If the charge is $1 then the transaction fee would be $0.20 because that would represent 20% of the total charge

ACH (eCheck)

2% up to a maximum of $20 


1 - $10 charge would result in a fee of $0.20.

2 - $10,000 charge would result in a fee of $20

To simplify the discussion, let's say we're talking about an invoice for $100 and the fee is $5.

  1. If the payer (homeowner) pays the fee, the full payment amount ($100) comes into JobNimbus and is applied against the invoice. Since the homeowner is paying the fee ($5), there is no accounting consequence for our customer in their Quickbooks.
  2. If the payee (our customer) pays the fee, the full payment amount ($100) still comes into JobNimbus and is applied against the invoice. The invoice itself is an "agreement" between our customer and the homeowner and as far as that relationship is concerned, the $100 payment has been paid so the invoice itself should be closed and the fee should not be reflected anywhere on the invoice. What ends up in our customer's wepay/bank account is $95.
    • To balance their accounting records ($100 reflected on invoice but only $95 coming into their bank account), they should run a period report (once a month?) from wepay to see what their fees are for the month and enter those in as a single line item.
    • If our customers want the fee to be part of the invoice, they should either have the payer pay the fee and adjust the invoice amount accordingly, or they should have themselves pay the fee and they should add a separate line item to note the fee they want.


Regarding Payment Limits

WePay does not have a total limit. 

The size of the transaction limits are as follows:

  • Credit Cards is $75,000 per transaction. 
  • ACH is 10 million per transaction

Additionally, there is a limit of how much a user can settle out of their WePay account and into their personal/business bank account. 

Our users Settlement Limit has been set to $25,000 a week.

 The settlement limit is the maximum that can be settled out of a user's WePay account and into their personal bank account. This threshold determines the amount that can be immediately withdrawn every week. Any amount over (totaling over) this threshold will be available 7 days after first being received. 

If your total payments for the week is less than the limit then no funds will be held, you can immediately withdraw. 

You can request an increase in your weekly reserve limit by requesting at https://support.wepay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Setting up WePay

For information on how to set up WePay and JobNimbus Payments in your JobNimbus account, please visit our article on Setting up WePay.



The JobNimbus / WePay integration is available for US currency only.